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Edible Gifts for Administrative Assistant Professional Week

An edible gift basket is a form of appreciation for the more than 4.1 million secretaries and administrative assistants in the United States. Last week’s employment numbers showed that more than two million administrative assistants and secretaries have been unable to rejoin the job market since America’s economic downturn. While productivity is reportedly up, many offices of America still feel the pangs of losing these valuable administrative professionals (secretaries).

Fruit Baskets for Secretary’s Day and Administrative Professionals’ Day 2012

While Erin Hannon, the receptionist of NBC’s “The Office” exudes several quirky yet amicable personality traits, few coworkers on the sitcom demonstrate an appreciation for her enthusiastic work ethic. It’s a story which resonates in many U.S.professional working environments. Wearing a variety of hats, administrators, project managers and other “back office” personnel are frequently undervalued members of the office team.  April 25th,  referred to as Secretary’s Day and Administrative Professional Day  highlights the momentous time of year to commemorate these key coworkers with a fruit basket, floral arrangement, or any other thoughtful gift idea.