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Edible Fruit + Other Fresh Fruit News Report

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Fruit Exploitation Film?
To some the movie, titled “The Fruit Hunters” is nothing but a raunchy fruit flick. With extreme close ups of tropical and exotic fruit, displayed in compromising positions, the documentary was produced across several continents. The graphic nature of the film,  which does not even have a movie rating, ranges from fruit paintings in an Italian monastery to a quest for rare mangoes in the jungle. Filmmaker Yung Chang released “Fruit Hunters”  in Miami, earlier this month, reported  sources at  Tropical Fruit News.

Most Beloved Edible Fruit
Even as bananas remain the number one favorite edible fruit in the U.S., according to the Packer, “Everything Produce“, apples continue to dominate second place in the produce department.  The Packer’s research also indicated that families with children were more apt to buy apples than households without.

edible fruits

Edible fruits: Bananas and peaches set in a compromising position.

Edible Fruit Company Sprouts On-the-Go Offerings
Earlier this month, Edible Arrangements announced that it will be