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March: National Nutrition Month

Should You Add More Fresh Fruit to Your Diet?

March is National Nutritional Month. And whether one opts to send a nutritious edible fruit basket or adapt new eating habits, add these nutritional facts to your food basket. 

Which foods don’t fit the nutritional composite?
Food preparation plays a leading role in nutritional sustenance. Salt laden, deep fried foods, prepared using trans fat foods that should be limited in any diet.

For additional details about National Nutrition Month, please visit www.eatright.org/.

Which foods pack the greatest nutritional value? Organic raw vegetables and fruit pack the greatest sources of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

What to look for in fruit?
Fruits loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Blackberries, strawberries, goji berries, raspberries, cherries are laden with antioxidants.

What are the best nutritional characteristics of vegetables?
Vegetables contain different vitamins and minerals just like fruit. In terms of nutritional value, vegetables follow the same rule of thumb that fruit does: vivid colors are generally richer in antioxidants. Among vegetables leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach and broccoli present an abundance of vitamins and nutrients.

Are nuts really nutritious?
Nuts are loaded with nutrients and are also high in fat. Therefore, nuts should be consumed in moderation. A study at Purdue University found that the best nutritional value is derived from nuts when they are pureed. (Walnuts, almonds and sunflowers.)

Best preparation: Fruits and vegetable offer the best nutritional value when consumed raw. Tarts, fruit salads (optional sprinkled with pine nuts or almonds) and fruit served with yogurt represent three simple alternatives for incorporating fruit. (That’s why fruit baskets make for an ideal dinner gift). 

Edible Fruit + Other Fresh Fruit News Report

Read the latest headlines in edible fruit, edible fruit company information and the latest consumer reports.

Fruit Exploitation Film?
To some the movie, titled “The Fruit Hunters” is nothing but a raunchy fruit flick. With extreme close ups of tropical and exotic fruit, displayed in compromising positions, the documentary was produced across several continents. The graphic nature of the film,  which does not even have a movie rating, ranges from fruit paintings in an Italian monastery to a quest for rare mangoes in the jungle. Filmmaker Yung Chang released “Fruit Hunters”  in Miami, earlier this month, reported  sources at  Tropical Fruit News.

Most Beloved Edible Fruit
Even as bananas remain the number one favorite edible fruit in the U.S., according to the Packer, “Everything Produce“, apples continue to dominate second place in the produce department.  The Packer’s research also indicated that families with children were more apt to buy apples than households without.

edible fruits

Edible fruits: Bananas and peaches set in a compromising position.

Edible Fruit Company Sprouts On-the-Go Offerings
Earlier this month, Edible Arrangements announced that it will be

Fruit Bouquet Company Ripe for West Expansion in US

Despite waning consumer sentiment and a looming national tax credit, the greatest name in fruit bouquets, Edible Arrangements is rolling out an ambitious “westward expansion” plan. With nutritional analysts announcing that fruit is America’s most popular snack food, the behemoth fruit bouquet company has plans to open more brick and mortar Edible Arrangements.

Today, Edible Arrangements dominates the fresh fruit basket gift segment. With some 1100 global stores, currently, no other company has carved a niche in fresh fruit baskets. And when Edible Arrangements surfaces on the West Coast, it will not have much competition. Today, six new stores are slated to open in the following cities and states: El Cajon, CA, Bismarck, ND, Sparks, NV, Monterey, CA, Farmington , UT, and Sacramento, CA.

Edible Arrangements has eight brand new fruit bouquets. There’s ‘Cheer me up Bouquet'(™), ‘Congratulations Bouquet’, ‘Love Bouquet’, ‘Thank You Get Well Bouquet’, ‘Confetti Berries Semisweet Chocolate Box’, and another new fruit bouquet called ‘Just Because Bouquet Dipped Strawberries’. All the new chocolate dipped fruit gifts start at $39

Throughout the years, Edible Arrangements has managed to remain one step ahead of the competition. Two years ago, it recognized a niche in wedding desserts, easing some of the planning and diet restrictions at bridal showers, engagement parties and wedding receptions.

Fulfilling corporate gift orders, Edible Arrangements even has a “corporate gift concierge.”

Over the past five years, the company partnered with NASCAR. The NASCAR victory celebration arrangements are collector’s item, starting at $85.

In 2012, the fruit bouquet company turned another milestone when it achieved 500,000 likes.

Perhaps with new store locations, the fruit bouquet company Edible Arrangements’ likable social media following will shadow its westward expansion.

When Edible Fruit Baskets Are Banned from the Hospital

At some hospitals and on the floors of certain medical facility in the U.S., flower arrangements and fruit bouquets are banned. In an effort to curtail airborne viruses, bacterial  and other bugs from propagating, the policy is common in situations, where patients have compromised immune systems and on infectious disease floors.

In Chicago at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, flowers and fruit baskets are banned items  on certain floors and departments of medicine. While an Edible Arrangement bouquet might be an acceptable gift, as the fruit is already carved,