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Which Edible Fruits and Awarenesses to Observe in February?

Beyond Valentine’s Day, February presents awareness for several noteworthy causes. From a few beloved fruits to heart health, observe or celebrate the second month of the year with these.

February Is National Month of …

American Heart Month
Foremost, February is American Heart Health Month. Heart disease continues to dominate America’s mortality rate. The American Heart Association‘s research states that heart attacks assume some 597,000+ lives a year.

edible fruits cherry

February is National Cherry Month.

National Grapefruit
Although National grapefruit month shares the same month of awareness as American Heart Awareness, the softball sized fruit is not recommended for people, who suffer from cardiovascular disease, taking medication for the heart.

Did you know…  The Harvard Medical School Family notes that grapefruits interact with various prescriptions related to heart health. Bottom line: If you’re on a blood pressure medication, a calcium blocker, or statin, check the prescription details for interactions.

February: National Cherry Month
The correlation in February between American Heart Month and cherries is noteworthy. February is also recognized as National Cherry Month. And, several clinical studies,