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Kiwi Edible Fruit: Nutrition Facts, Stats and Data

At fruit bouquet companies, Cherry Moon Farms and Berries.com, kiwi fruit is available in the  “monthly organic fruit club” and other gift baskets. Even though, kiwi is available all year at most grocers, markets and fruit stands, this  diminutive edible fruit upholds an intriguing story.

  • The kiwi fruit name

Kiwi-fruit.info reports that kiwi is native of China, referred to as ‘macaque peach.’ Legend has it that when the kiwi was brought to New Zealand it was named after the kiwi bird.

  • Appearance

On the outside, the kiwi wears a brown exterior with short and long tresses. On the inside, the edible fruit appears lime green, speckled with black seeds and a pale pulp.

  • Taste

Most people consider the taste of a kiwi fruit to be a cross between a strawberry, pineapple and banana.

kiwi Edible fruit

The edible fruit, kiwi abounds with nutritional benefits.


  • Average height

Small but loaded with vitamins, three inches is the standard length of the edible fruit.

  • Cultivation habits

Sources at Tripple Brook Farm say that kiwi fruit,