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Why You’re Better Off Shopping at a Fruit Bouquet Store

Edible Arrangements

Fruit bouquet brands: Edible Arrangements and Harry + David locations are easing holiday fruit basket shopping with locations across the US. (Photo: Courtesy Edible Arrangements.com)

Holiday Fruit Basket Shopping Secrets

Last year when fruit bouquet leader, Edible Arrangements launched its rebranded Edible to Go trademark, the concept was to capture high traffic shopping areas. But, the concept of fast service kiosks and stores in densely populated shopping centers proves positive for growing consumer loyalty. And for customers, shopping for holiday gift baskets, there’s plenty of evidence that shopping at a fruit bouquet store is better than the online experience.

Here’s why.

Quality Control
The peak holiday season poses many holes in quality assurance. By placing orders online and picking up fruit bouquets

Sending a Holiday Fruit Basket Before its Reaches its Prime

Holiday fruit basket deliveries afford the ease of pointing and clicking, it’s all in the timing. As the holiday season officially commences on Novemer 28, this year, followed by Hanukkah and then Christmas, shipping a holiday gift basket necessitates a timed strategy.

When’s the best time to order the holiday fruit basket delivery?
It depends whether the gift is for a professional associate or a personal one.

Holiday gift giving among colleagues and clients means placing an order any time after December 1st through the 16th to ensure that it reaches its destination before the office closes for the holiday.

Sending a holiday fruit basket to a family or friend allows a little leeway especially if you plan to deliver the holiday gift basket in person.

How to ensure fresh holiday fruit basket delivery?

There are two types of holiday fruit baskets: carved and whole.

Sending Carved Holiday Fruit Baskets
With a carved fruit bouquet, the contents have been hand crafted to resemble flowers, cupcakes and other sweet treats. At fruit basket companies, Edible Arrangements and FruitFlowers.com carved fruit is the speciality.

To assure for the freshest holiday gift basket delivery, place orders at these franchises within a five to 10-mile radius of the recipient’s address and at least 10 days prior to December 25.  During the holiday season, all retailers including Edible Arrangements and FruitFlowers.com are inundated with holiday gift basket deliveries.

Holiday Gift Baskets with Whole Fruit
To reduce the chances of sending a fruit bouquet past its prime, opt for holiday gift baskets containing heartier fruit such as pears, apples and clementine oranges. Harry and David, Cherry Moon Farms and The Fruit Bouquet Company feature holiday gift baskets with whole pieces of fruit.

Free Holiday Fruit Basket Deliveries
Beware of free holiday fruit basket deliveries. Generally, “free” accompanies numerous conditions.

Using The Fruit Bouquet Company’s current holiday fruit basket delivery promotion as an example, free delivery  refers to “ select holiday gifts.” Also note that free shipping is never overnight. So, allow at least five days during the peak season to ensure that the holiday gift arrives on time.

Skirt Holiday Fruit Basket Discontent
Always conduct an address verification before finalizing the holiday fruit basket delivery. Most companies have a strict no-refund policy for inaccurate addresses.

How to Consume Holiday Fruit Baskets Without Wasting the Contents

Holiday Fruit Baskets

How to get the most use out of a holiday fruit basket...


From Thanksgiving Day through the end of the year boxes of chocolate, Christmas cookies and holiday fruit baskets will pour into small offices and large workplaces across the nation. Whether the edible fruit bouquet is a Cherry Moon Farms, Harry and David or Edible Arrangements, the chances of those holiday fruit baskets being unconsumed are quite high. Given the rate of poverty, hunger,  and the energy generated to produce these fruit bouquets,  it’s virtually a crime to allow any of its contents to rot.

Barring an apple or pear’s core, the seed of a plum and the pit of a cherry there are several ways to make the most of holiday fruit basket. Start with these two steps and move on to the bullets below:

  1. Savor the favorite contents of the holiday fruit baskets
  2. Once, you’ve had your fill of the edible fruit bouquet, use the following tips to minimize wasting any of its contents:
  • Concealing any scars that hinder the appearance of the fruit, offer the remaining pieces to coworkers, family and friends.
  • Cut up remaining pieces of fruit and mix with yogurt, whip cream to create a parfait.
  • Bake a pie, turnover or pastry puff. This works if the remaining pieces of the holiday fruit basket are apples, strawberries, cherries, peaches or pears.
  •  A report published by RODALE NEWS  recommends slicing a green apple and giving it to anyone suffering from a migraine. Research shows that it quells the symptoms of a migraine.

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