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Fruit Bouquet, Valentine’s Day Gift Advice

We were recently contacted by one of our readers with this question:

Dear Edible Fruit,

Three months ago, I met a nice girl online. Everyday we talk for an hour and throughout the day, we text each other. Although, we do not have an exclusive dating arrangement, I would like to send her a Valentine’s Day present. We haven’t met face to face yet and I don’t want to send the wrong message by spending too much. I don’t want to send her the typical floral arrangement. A colleague at work suggested that I order a fruit bouquet. Is this gift idea more appropriate for a co-worker, or is a fruit bouquet a suitable present for a budding relationship?


heartsIt can be difficult to find an appropriate gift for Valentine’s Day when a relationship begins. You don’t want to ignore the holiday and potentially hurt feelings, but you also don’t want to go overboard and send the wrong message coming on too strong. Fruit bouquets can be a sweet gift expression for Valentine’s Day coming with just the right level of thoughtfulness.

Here are a few considerations to take into account before you order a fruit bouquet:

1)  Does she like fruit? Some people have an aversion to fruit while others prefer dried fruit. Try to find out what her favorite edible fruits are without ruining the surprise.

2)  Does she spend long hours at the office? If so, your best bet is to order a fruit bouquet and have it delivered to her office prior to February 14. Remember that unlike a floral arrangement, fruit bouquets generally require immediate consumption. Depending on her schedule and how much fruit you send her, she may not have the time to enjoy the fruit bouquet while its fresh. Sending a fruit gift to her office will insure she gets it promptly and that she can share it if need be.

3)  How much do you plan to spend? Most companies offering edible fruit bouquets, segment arrangements according to price. (Be sure to account for any delivery charges within your budget).

4)  Compare fruit bouquets with other gift items such as balloons, stuffed animals and container keepsakes to make sure you’re spending an appropriate amount.

5) Before placing your fruit bouquet order, be sure to read the terms to avoid any unforeseen Valentine’s Day gift snafus.

If you include a personal handwritten note, she is sure to think the gift of fruit was very thoughtful and it will have your relationship on a good path, without her thinking you went overboard.


A Fresh Fruit Bouquet for Bosses Day? – A Reader’s Question

Edible Fruit was recently contacted by a reader with the following question:


What are good gift options to give your manager on Bosses Day? Does a fresh fruit bouquet serve as an adequate Bosses Day gift?

I work in an office that is comparable to NBC’s Dunder Mifflin on “The Office.” My boss is an eccentric, macrobiotic vegetarian. Despite his fixation with the history of the food he consumes and how it is cultivated, he has a heart of gold. I’d like to show my appreciation without sending the wrong signals or appearing like a brown noser among my colleagues. Do you have any tips or suggestions for a nice Bosses Day Gift?



October 16th, 2014 is National Bosses Day in the United States. It’s an opportunity for employees to show their appreciation to bosses for being kind and fair and to thank the boss for all he/she has to do to keep the business in operation.

Unless the team chips in for a bouquet of flowers, sending the boss an order of roses borders on the questionable intentions. Flowers tend to be a personal gift usually reserved for Mom, a significant other or a hospitalized associate. As a group gift flower bouquets are a normal stand-by idea.

Since you mentioned that your boss is a health nut, a great gift that ensures satisfaction is a fresh fruit bouquet. As you mentioned that your boss is picky about where the food he eats comes from, consider giving a fresh fruit bouquet comprised of organic fruit.

Foods with the USDA Organic label are at least 95% percent organic. We suggest you call around and try to find a local farmer or market that sells local organic fruit bouquets. If organic isn’t available locally then try Cherry Moon Farms or Harry and David who both offer organic options. Your boss is sure to appreciate such a kind gesture which has clearly been thought out.

Is Fruit a Good Gift When Asking A Girl Out?

Dear Edible Fruit,

I need some relationship advice.  I met Kai in a class we were both in and we seem to have made a connection.  Her birthday is coming up and I’d like to ask her to go on a date with me.  I’d like to get her an appropriate gift to offer when I ask her out and to serve as a birthday gift.  The problem is I need to find something appropriate that isn’t too personal or over the top, I don’t want to scare her off.  Do you think a fruit bouquet is appropriate?

Needing Fast Fruit Bouquet Advice



It sounds like you’ve given this date request some serious thought and it is very sweet of you to consider offering Kai a gift when asking her out on a date.  You are wise to avoid an overly personal gift as this could be a turn off to a girl not expecting it.

Without knowing Kai’s personality or much about the relationship that you’ve already developed, we think a fruit bouquet would be a wonderful gift to give for her birthday / date request.  Not only is a fruit bouquet beautiful, it is delicious and healthy and will most likely be a bit out of the ordinary for her to receive.  We think it would make a great and lasting impression on her, creating a memory that she will not soon forget.

If you’ve decided to give a fruit bouquet you will need to consider how much you want to spend, how big of a fruit bouquet you’ll want to give, where you’ll purchase the fruit bouquet and if you’ll be delivering it personally.  You definitely want to make sure it’s a fresh bouquet so consider the timing of when it will be made, when you’ll pick it up and when you’ll deliver it.  You might also do some investigating to make sure she’ll be home before you stop by.  Read up on some more fruit bouquet purchasing tips for more help.

We wish you the best and hope she says yes to the date!

If you have a question that you think we might be able to help you with, please contact us.