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Fruit Flower Fact Sheet

While the fruit bouquet company, Edible Arrangements maintains an active name in media headlines, a contending company, Fruit Flower garners a robust backstory.  The Incredible Franchise Corporation is the parent company of Fruit Flower. From the company’s inception to its latest offerings, read these sweet, tart and colorful facts about the Fruit Flower.com.

  • Fruit Flower.com franchise owners have the autonomy to set prices and choose containers. When customers order afresh basket delivery,  he or she should

Edible Arrangements Vs. Fruit Flower, an Edible Basket Company

Between its top page ranking on  major search engines and headlines news, Edible Arrangements tends to standout amongst its competitors of  edible  basket companies.  Nonetheless, Fruit Flower.com, a contending fruit bouquet company quietly upholds a compelling history, and a comparable business model to Edible Arrangements.

Contrary to the popular misconception that Edible Arrangements was the pioneer of the fresh fruit carved to resemble a floral arrangement, the Fruit Flower.com back story commences  15 years prior to Edible Arrangements documented history.

Thanksgiving Day Fruit Centerpieces or Edible Fruit Bouquets

 Setting the table with fruit centerpieces reminisces modest times of when the settlers and American Indians gathered for the first Thanksgiving Day dinner. It was an era when the pioneers did not have GPS to navigate them to America. The Indians were unable to text the newcomers a dinner invitation. Even the fruit centerpieces were different back then. Comprised of squash, berries and other natural elements, today, fruit centerpieces fashion an assortment of options, including edible fruit bouquets.

Edible Fruit.org compared three fruit bouquet company’s interpretation of fruit centerpieces and here are several noteworthy details.  

For non-traditional fruit centerpieces, Edible Arrangements’ edible fruit bouquets emblemize  tempting, juicy works of art. The only problem is that this fruit centerpiece need to be chilled until dinner time to prevent its tendency to oxidize in warm climates.

Another consideration about choosing Edible Arrangements’ edible fruit bouquets is the budget. For decent sized fruit centerpieces , expect to spend a minimum of $89. However, consumers can save on delivery costs, with an in store pick up.

We found Edible Arrangement’s contending  fruit bouquet company, Fruit Flower – to render a unique intepretation of the fruit centerpiece, called the Veggiecopia. An ornately traditional Thanksgiving Day wicker basket arrives with carrots, cauliflower, snow beans, cucumbers and red peppers for only $55.  For the money and the fact that its another version of edible fruit bouquets, makes it a wonderful alternative to fruit centerpiece.

Also, when one compares the price of floral arrangements to  fruit centerpieces, the cost is quantifiable to the later as its an edible fruit bouquet solves two purposes: design and the appetite.

Which do you prefer for Thanksgiving Day Dinner entertaining, fruit centerpieces or edible fruit bouquets. 


When Edible Fruit Baskets Serve the Party

What do Christmas, birthdays and Labor Day share in common? Each commemorates a significant day, where gatherings and celebrations are often the norm.  Comparable cake, edible fruit baskets has become a frequent member of the merrymaking menu. Edible Fruit compiled a few entertaining ideas  with edible fruit baskets, suitable for virtually any occasion.

 When fruit is carved to resemble a floral arrangement, the presentation outdistances a fruit platter. With more individuals on special diets and watching the waist line,  edible fruit baskets embody a great substitution for cake and pie. Instead, pair the edible fruit bouquet with cookies.

Serving recommendation: Edible fruit baskets created by Edible Arrangements and Fruit Flower should be kept in the refrigerator until a few minutes before the celebration begins.

A classic, which never goes out of style, is edible fruit baskets filled with whole pieces of fruit. Vivid, exuding hues of green, orange, red and yellow depending on the edible fruit basket’s contents, some edible fruit companies offer organic fruit bouquets. (Select from pears,peaches, peaches, Anjou pears, bananas, kiwi and more).

Serving recommendation:  Compare prices for edible fruit baskets with cookies, nuts and other snacks. Cherry Moon Farms shows edible fruit baskets offered with Mrs. chocolate chip cookies.

For the pear lover, Harry & David’s edible fruit baskets have organic Royal Riviera pears, and Oregold peaches in various quantities. Cherry Moon Farms showcases a mélange of organic edible fruit bouquets. Hinging on the season, organic selections range from peaches, apples, Anjou pears and pears, kiwi, and other fruits.

Edible fruit baskets ordering tip: When ordering online, try to order at least five days in advance to save on delivery charges as well as any unforeseen shipment errors. For the best edible fruit bouquet, select arrangements with the fruit of the season. 


What Does It Take to Own a Fruit Basket Franchise?

Edible Arrangements and Fruit Flowers typify the nation’s most recognized fruit basket franchises. As the vying companies present similar edible fruit baskets and franchise opportunities, the following facts describe pertinent details to investing in a fruit basket franchise. 

  • Fifteen states currently regulate the purchase and sale of fruit bouquet franchises. Franchisors have to adhere to pre-sale registration and disclosure compliances. (These states include Illinois, Indiana Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Oregon, California, Hawaii, New York, Virginia, Washington, Maryland and Rhode Island).
  • The prospective fruit bouquet franchisee should have a minimum of $150,000 of cash reserves to invest in a fruit basket franchise.
  • The annual cost to insure a fruit bouquet company ranges from $14 K to $30 K, depending on the city and state. That’s a median expense of $2,250 a month.

 A minimum of $15,000 is necessary for the initial inventory at Edible Arrangements.


Both Edible Arrangements and Fruit Flowers educate franchisees how to

  • Make purchasing decisions
  • Hire staff
  • Administer the delivery  process
  • Plan and execute the marketing strategy
  • Manage and track profits and bookkeeping


Becoming a franchisee for the edible fruit company, Edible Arrangements, entails a five step process. During the first step a prospective owner reviews disclosures and the company’s policies and procedures. Writing a business plan, securing financing and attending an orientation encompass the next phase before the franchisee is approved to open a store.

  • In order to use the brands and licenses of a fruit basket franchise, such as Edible Arrangements or Fruit Flower.com franchises remit an initial franchise fee, ranging from $20,000 – $30,000.
  • The business equipment and  fruit bouquet devices needed to start a fruit bouquet company  represents a minimum of $48,000 in start-up expenditures.