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Why You’re Better Off Shopping at a Fruit Bouquet Store

Edible Arrangements

Fruit bouquet brands: Edible Arrangements and Harry + David locations are easing holiday fruit basket shopping with locations across the US. (Photo: Courtesy Edible Arrangements.com)

Holiday Fruit Basket Shopping Secrets

Last year when fruit bouquet leader, Edible Arrangements launched its rebranded Edible to Go trademark, the concept was to capture high traffic shopping areas. But, the concept of fast service kiosks and stores in densely populated shopping centers proves positive for growing consumer loyalty. And for customers, shopping for holiday gift baskets, there’s plenty of evidence that shopping at a fruit bouquet store is better than the online experience.

Here’s why.

Quality Control
The peak holiday season poses many holes in quality assurance. By placing orders online and picking up fruit bouquets

How the Top Edible Basket Companies Stack Up

Ever notice how Edible Arrangements, Cherry Moon Farms, Golden Edibles, and Harry and David top the page results, generated with the phrase: “edible baskets” on search engines, such as Google and Yahoo? Among frequent gift basket shoppers, online retailers, these leading fruit baskets brands exude distinct features, driving their respective online brand marketing strategy.

  • A Trendsetter

Edible Arrangements shares its niche for carving fruit to resemble a flower with Fruit Flower and the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company. And still, Edible Arrangements dominates its competitors.

Edible Fruit Baskets Complement Wellness Programs

With the emerging rate of diabetics and gluten allergies, cookies, candy and cake are no longer the ultimate birthday celebration victual for the impromptu, office celebration. At a time when corporations are starting to encourage employees to modify unhealthy lifestyle habits, edible fruit baskets outdistance sugar, processed and flour laden goodies.

The Willis Health and Productivity Survey, 2011 by Willis North America’s Human Capital Practice conducted a survey, regarding the percentage of U.S. employers, which have a wellness program in place.The  market research compiled data from 1,598 employers, transcending a cross spectrum of sectors, organizational sizes,  and regions. The results depicted that 60 percent of  companies were promoting wellness to employees through programs and other incentives. (1)

Edible Fruit and Passover

During Passover, the diet is not limited to herring, gefilte fish and matzoh. In fact, fresh produce and edible fruits are acceptable. In this installment of Edible Fruit, we’re answering rudimentary questions pertaining to fruit and Passover

Are edible fruit bouquets acceptable for Passover?

As long as the fruit does not contain any additives or preservatives, and is 100 percent organic, edible fruit should be acceptable. As an alternative, make your own fruit basket. Buy organic produce.

Are any edible fruit corporations  offering any fruit baskets for Passover?

Yes, at Edible Arrangements(R) presents a fruit bouquet, dubbed Star of David Daisy ®. Pineapples arrive carved into the shape of the Star of David. The fruit bouquet alos consists of natural fruits (strawberries, grapes, strawberries, honeydew melon and cantaloupes). Moreover, for those, who plan to attend Passover seder, fruit bouquets are wonderful centerpieces. Also, the containers of these Passover fruit bouquets are keepsakes.

If I order an edible fruit tray for Passover, is there anything I should avoid?

As long as the fruit bouquet is not dipped in any chocolate or any other additives, natural fruit should be acceptable.

Can you provide any other edible fruit ideas for Passover?

Although Harry & David, fruit and confectionery company does not have any baskets designated for Passover, their certified organic Royal Riviera ®  pears are produced in accordance with the agricultural standards set by the United States Department of Agriculture.

 Where can I buy an affordable edible fruit basket for Passover?

Do-it-yourself edible fruit trays are the most creative and  economical tactics for saving money. Remember to choose firm fruit  and use a cookie cutter in the shape of the Star of David.