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Freshness Sets Fruit Bouquet Company Apart from its Contenders

In the fruit bouquet gift industry, as Edible Arrangements upholds a household name, one of its contenders touts freshness. Golden Edibles exudes a refined brand identity, showcasing quality fruit paired to Belgium chocolate and a freshness guarantee.

In an industry, whereby most fruit bouquet companies present an order it and we’ll deliver it wherever and to whomever, Golden Edibles

Edible Arrangements Vs. Fruit Flower, an Edible Basket Company

Between its top page ranking on  major search engines and headlines news, Edible Arrangements tends to standout amongst its competitors of  edible  basket companies.  Nonetheless, Fruit Flower.com, a contending fruit bouquet company quietly upholds a compelling history, and a comparable business model to Edible Arrangements.

Contrary to the popular misconception that Edible Arrangements was the pioneer of the fresh fruit carved to resemble a floral arrangement, the Fruit Flower.com back story commences  15 years prior to Edible Arrangements documented history.

Fruit Basket Company Shows Budding Profits for 2012

What does a fruit basket  company earn when it melds a proven business model and a relished brand backed by consumer amicable offerings? The fruit bouquet company, Edible Arrangements measures sales results base on growth, profits and brand awareness in 2012.

Edible Arrangements, the pioneer of fruit basket company franchising is already illustrating the indications of a fruitful year.  Across many media channels and financial reports, Edible Arrangements  has managed to minimize closures while keeping franchises in business.

The business magazine, Forbes ranked Edible Arrangements among the ‘Top 20 Franchises for the Buck.’ Forbes based the ranking on various metrics, including: closure rate over the last three years, domestic growth, average initial investment, locations. The criteria evaluated some 110 different franchises.

Edible Fruit Baskets: Scoring a Deal and Skirting the Extras

Not all edible fruit basket purveyors feed the bargain hunters thirst for a discount. But among the most recognized fruit bouquet company names, Harry and David, Cherry Moon Farms and Edible Arrangements, there are a few tips to handpick some of these  sweet and tempting deals and promotions.

Seasonal organic fruit is commonly on special at the longest standing fruit bouquet company, Harry and David. As of this posting, a purchase of two-boxes of Oregold Peaches earns a 50 percent discount on the second box. Another juicy edible fruit basket deal at Harry and David is the club membership, available in three, six, nine and 12-month memberships with free delivery (Starting at $99.95) 

Note that most of Harry and David’s organic fruit specials are shipped ripe, meaning that the edible fruit basket’s contents are for immediate consumption. 

Cherry Moon Farms also features

Sending Regrets with Edible Gift Baskets

The Situation:  You’re invited to two kindergarten graduation parties, three housewarming celebrations and a 30th birthday party. The problem is that the invitations are from events taking place over the month of July, when you plan to be out of town, helping your fiancé fix up his new summer home. While you can’t be at all 6-events at the same time, it’s nothing that some edible gift baskets can’t fix.

Here’s why and how. Sometimes a hectic social calendar mandates the delivery of edible gift baskets to express regrets for an inability to attend. 

1)  Access the Internet. Visit Google and enter the keywords: “fruit bouquet” or  “edible gift baskets.”

2)  Click on any of these fruit bouquet company web sites: Edible Arrangements, Harry and David, Fruit Flowers and Cherry Moon Farms.  To save time visit the official sites, avoiding  second tier Web sites filled with an advertising links.

3)  Next, thinking of  each recipients celebration, select fitting edible gift baskets. Most fruit bouquet company Web sites are categorized according to the occasion. There’s edible gift basket for the following situations:

  • Graduation
  • I’m Sorry
  • Entertaining
  • Birthday Party

To express your regrets for being unable to attend, you could send an “I’m Sorry” edible gift basket from FruitFlowers. Starting at about $59.00.

For the graduation, Edible Arrangements caters to the under age crowd with its Kids & Kids at Heart Collection. Edible fruit baskets embody such characters as Sponge Bob, Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse and Hello Kitty.

4) After you choose a fruit bouquet for each recipient, be sure to check each address. Some fruit bouquet companies will impose another delivery charge if the wrong delivery address posted with the order.

Cherry Moon Farms features a plenitude of housewarming gifs on its fruit bouquet company Web site.

4)  Finally, before finalize your orders, don’t forget to personalize and double check that each fruit bouquet message has the correct greeting and intended note.