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How-to Make a Fruit Bouquet Look Like a Store Bought Basket


No one ever said that a fruit bouquet has to look like Edible Arrangement’s fruit, carved to resemble a flower arrangement. When considering how to make a fruit bouquet arrangement look professional you’re not limited to sculpting fresh fruit. There’s an art to selecting luscious fruit, arranging it and then packaging the basket.

  • Start with a spacious container.

How do you make a fruit bouquet exude mouthwatering appeal? Whether it’s a wicker basket, a planting pot or icebox canister, opt for a container appropriately sized to accommodate the contents of the fruit bouquet.

  • Fresh and blemish free.

A fruit bouquet should also be comprised of the freshest selection of fruit possible. Apples, pears and oranges, exuding a vivid hue of red, green or orange, respectively, render the best depiction of fresh fruit. Choose fruit with a moderate glossy appearance. Dull looking fruit is often older.

Dented fruit is not only sore on the eyes, but potentially hazardous. When the flesh of the fruit is pierced with even a slight pin-sized hole, it could very well be contaminated with bacteria. Handpick fruit that is free of brown or soft spots, featuring a smooth complexion.

If you plan to make a fruit bouquet with organic fruit, use a non-chemical solution to clean the fruit.

Fruit Basket

  • Other fruit bouquet ideas

If you want to make a fruit bouquet exotic, add a firm kiwi, a pineapple and mango. The pineapple should be slightly fragrant but firm and green.

To ensure that the recipient has ample time to enjoy the fruit bouquet before the fruit ripens, always select green bananas, as they will last longer.

  • Fill it.

Using straw (available at gift and arts and craft supply stores), paper trimmed into confetti or crumpled up craft paper, fill the bottom of the basket. Layer any packaged goods (for example crackers, trail mix, nuts). Be sure to gift-wrap any other personal presents that will be included in the fruit bouquet.

  • Wrap it up.

While cellophane is not a requirement, it gives a fruit bouquet a professionally packaged appearance. Sizing and tying the right bow is the last step to make a fruit bouquet. Choose a big, bright or bold bow to complement the fruit bouquet.

What to Omit When Sending a Bouquet of Fruit + Valentines Day

Few Americans equate a bouquet of fruit to the love of their life. Yet, for some reason when it comes to gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, there seems to be an abundance of fruit basket gift ideas online. Perhaps, it has something to do with The National Retailer Federation’s report on the most popularized days to send floral arrangements, bouquets of fruit, and other online gift orders. Nonetheless, we compiled a few things NOT to do when sending a fruit bouquet.

Valentine's Day bouquet of fruit

Edible Arrangement’s So Berry Loved 2014 completes the Valentine’s day gift for her or him.

Sending the fruit basket to the wrong address.
Whether one is sending a bouquet of fruit or flowers to several love interests, sending a Valentine’s Day gift to the wrong recipient poses several unwarranted outcomes. Primarily, fruit basket companies do not refund  or attempt to re-fulfill  inaccurate addresses. And for those juggling a variation of a lovers, a Valentine’s Day order can turn into exposure if the gift makes it to an unintended recipient.

Valentines’s Day reigns among Mother’s Day, the Christmas holiday peak seasons for sending a bouquet of  fruit, floral arrangement and other online gift orders.

Avert procrastination.
Although certain fruit bouquet stores such as Edible Arrangements are offering same day delivery, Valentine’s Day is

When Edible Fruit Baskets Are Banned from the Hospital

At some hospitals and on the floors of certain medical facility in the U.S., flower arrangements and fruit bouquets are banned. In an effort to curtail airborne viruses, bacterial  and other bugs from propagating, the policy is common in situations, where patients have compromised immune systems and on infectious disease floors.

In Chicago at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, flowers and fruit baskets are banned items  on certain floors and departments of medicine. While an Edible Arrangement bouquet might be an acceptable gift, as the fruit is already carved,

Do Edible Gift Baskets Satisfy Dad on Father’s Day?

While the fruit basket can be an endearing gift idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a tad bit thorny. Most dads are not a pushover for flowers, fruit and chocolate. As far as gift ideas for Father’s Day, an edible gift basket outdistances the fruit bouquet for one reason only: the assortment. If Dad is not a vegetarian, addicted to fruit, or on dietary restrictions, the edible gift idea will satisfy his taste for a variety victuals.

The National Retail Federation’s data research that Father’s Day does not  generate the sales results that Mother’s Day does ($18 billion). (The data suggests why floral bouquet sales are not as productive during the day that commemorates U.S.paternal figures).

For some, the contents of a fruit basket, conjures an image of a container, stocked with nutritious elements prescribed by a dietitian.

DIY Fruit Baskets to Celebrate Autumn

Autumn is blessed with rich reds, browns, yellows, oranges and a touch of green. Making your own fruit basket dedicated to this season is easy, fun and inexpensive! Make one for your dining room or kitchen table, for friends and family or for your co-workers and neighbours for a few dollars or pounds each—much less than florist specials!

Choosing Your Fruit

Crispy red and green apples nestled with green and purple grapes, interspersed with oranges and lemons spotlight the occasional banana. Top the selection off with lovely chrysanthemums for a full autumn delight for eyes, nose and mouth!

When you purchase your fruit, however, not all of it should be fully ripe. Bananas ripen very quickly and become overripe even faster. If you want to include these tasty “brain food” items, make sure you buy them before they’re fully ripe. They should have slightly green ends and a less brilliant yellow to the peel. Within a day or two, they’ll be ready to eat and have less of a chance to spoil.

If possible, your apples should be the same way—just before fully ripe. If you can’t find any at that stage, then so long as they are ripe and without bruising, they should be fine for some time.

Citrus fruits—oranges, lemons and even grapefruits—ripen quickly as well. Don’t add a disproportionate number of citrus to your basket unless the receiver prefers citrus fruits to other fruits. Then, of course, tailor the fruit bouquet preferences for best reception and enjoyment!

Fruit Quantities and Ratios

Apples are the primary fruit of the fall season. Mix equal amounts of your apple variety to the total number of other fruits. Grapes, of course, are the exception. Include one or two bundles and perhaps several smaller clusters to suit.

For instance, add one red apple, one green apple, then one orange. Add another red apple, one green apple and a lemon. Add one banana. Add a few grapes. Continue until you have your fruit basket filled—mostly.

Celebrate the colours of autumn with a small cluster of your favourite autumn flower. Because it easily blends all your fruit basket colours and ties the colour theme nicely, hardy chrysanthemums are often the flower of choice.

Container Baskets

Again, keeping within autumnal colours, the most popular basket type is the brown wicker basket. Fortunately, these come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Hobby shops usually have them reasonably priced, and variety stores have them on sale quite often. Ask if you can get a discount for a bulk purchase; many merchants are amenable to the arrangement.

Don’t forget to pad the bottom of the basket: You don’t want your fruit to get bruised! A light layer of green felt or plastic grass is usually quite sufficient.

Add a card or a decorative ribbon or let the basket appearance speak for itself, and you’ve created a visual and tasty fruit feast that is almost as renewable as sunshine!

The author of this article is Holly Miller, who writes for Coupon Croc, the leader in online discount codes to save on all of your online purchases.