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Consumer Intelligence: Ordering a Fresh Fruit Basket

For the consumer, who has never bought a fresh fruit basket before, there are three things to be cautious of: 1) First know the different types of edible  baskets;  2) beware of  fruit bouquet delivery costs and policies,; pluscaution is advised on clearance items.

  •  Types of bouquets

Bouquets of fruits are available in three formats. Full pieces, carved fruits. Dipped fruits are the three types of fruit baskets and arrangements. Edible Arrangements, Fruit Flower,  and the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company (FFBC) purvey edible baskets, resembling floral arrangements. (The average fruit bouquet is $45+).

Commonly sold by Harry & David, Cherry Moon Farms and ProFlower,  contemporary fresh fruit baskets include full pieces of fruit packaged in a box or  basket.

Mother’s Day Is not all About the Fresh Fruit Basket

The Tale of a Mother’s Day Fresh Fruit Basket

Initially, it commenced as a unique Mother’s Day gift idea. An arrangement of fruit carved to replicate a flower. But even better, it was fit for human consumption. It was a meticulously arranged fresh fruit basket, created by Edible Arrangements.  The precisely appointed fruit bouquet company was at the apex of  its popularity in cities, such as Chicago  in 2004.  It also was the same year that Millie Armstrong began the tradition of ordering her mother’s arrangements from the online gift company.

The first time that Millie gave her mother the fresh fruit basket for a Mother’s Day gift

8-Facts on Edible Fruit Bouquets and Fresh Fruit Baskets

(ANYWHERE, USA)  – Edible fruit bouquets and fresh fruit baskets have there place in the gift industry.  These contending gift products embody several considerations before one buys. Refer to the following consumer information and  8 facts on edible fruit bouquets.

  • Cities, where Edible Arrangements stores, are open allow for the last minute birthday present, housewarming gift or commemorative for a special occasion.
  • Fresh fruit baskets outdistance the shelf life of an edible fruit bouquet.
  • Edible Arrangements are not always appropriate for as a get well greeting for hospitalized individuals. As patients are often on a restricted diet or lack the appetite to savor the fruit.