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Fruit Basket Company Requires Confidentiality

As the gift industry continues to boom, confidentiality appears to be one approach for maintaining a competitive edge at the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company. With the U.S. novelty gift industry divided in three segments, the marketplace thrives. pocketing t  $17 billion dollar in revenue.

Novelty gifts, which include edible fruit baskets, account for 30 percent of the market share, followed by special occasions (12 percent) and   gift-ware  (vases, fruit bouquet containers) taking in 5 percent of the sector’s share.

Fruit Basket Company Shows Budding Profits for 2012

What does a fruit basket  company earn when it melds a proven business model and a relished brand backed by consumer amicable offerings? The fruit bouquet company, Edible Arrangements measures sales results base on growth, profits and brand awareness in 2012.

Edible Arrangements, the pioneer of fruit basket company franchising is already illustrating the indications of a fruitful year.  Across many media channels and financial reports, Edible Arrangements  has managed to minimize closures while keeping franchises in business.

The business magazine, Forbes ranked Edible Arrangements among the ‘Top 20 Franchises for the Buck.’ Forbes based the ranking on various metrics, including: closure rate over the last three years, domestic growth, average initial investment, locations. The criteria evaluated some 110 different franchises.

About the Edible Fruit Franchise

For the last half decade, edible fruit storefronts have been cropping up throughout the nation. A delectable alternative to the traditional bouquet, edible fruit is an artistic arrangement, resembling a bouquet of flowers. Unlike the fruit basket purveyor, Harry & David, Edible Arrangements ® is a thriving business opportunity.

Is there a high demand for fruit bouquets?

With more Americans concerned about living healthier, the consumer demand for healthy sustenance is booming.

What is the average cost of an Edible Arrangement® ?

Edible fruit arrangements range in price. Starting at $24 – $200.  Most consumers opt for the median priced fruit bouquets: $45-$75.

What is the profit margin for owning an edible fruit franchise? 

The profit margin for the ownership of an edible fruit franchise varies from start-up to start-up. For instance, a store located in an urban area will fare better than the one located in a rural are for obvious reasons. Primarily, the demand and financial means is better in a major metropolis versus a small town.

How profitable is it to own an Edible Arrangement ® franchise?

Studies released in 2008, showed that almost 45 percent of Edible Arrangement startups made more than $364,000 during the first 18-months in business. The statistic is based on 245 stores. 

What is the underlying advantage of starting an edible fruit basket company versus opting for a franchise?

Unlike independent new start ups, where the owner has to do everything without any support or protocol, a startup like Edible Arrangements ® provides the new proprietor with online support, guidance, quality control, operational compliance, and other useful assistance. Moreover, the franchise provides the new business owner everything they need to operate a profitable business.

Source: Date provided by Edible Arrangements(R)