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Do Edible Gift Baskets Satisfy Dad on Father’s Day?

While the fruit basket can be an endearing gift idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a tad bit thorny. Most dads are not a pushover for flowers, fruit and chocolate. As far as gift ideas for Father’s Day, an edible gift basket outdistances the fruit bouquet for one reason only: the assortment. If Dad is not a vegetarian, addicted to fruit, or on dietary restrictions, the edible gift idea will satisfy his taste for a variety victuals.

The National Retail Federation’s data research that Father’s Day does not  generate the sales results that Mother’s Day does ($18 billion). (The data suggests why floral bouquet sales are not as productive during the day that commemorates U.S.paternal figures).

For some, the contents of a fruit basket, conjures an image of a container, stocked with nutritious elements prescribed by a dietitian.