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When Holiday Fruit Baskets Suffer from Abandonment

  • Why some holiday fruit baskets will go unaccounted for this holiday season?

Some watchdogs call it abandoned holiday gift basket syndrome. To others, a fruit basket left in the cold is nothing but neglect. Every holiday season, hundreds of edible gift baskets go unaccounted for. Left in doorways, at doorstops and other inappropriate places– some deem it an atrocious act of abuse. In an effort to prevent abandoned holiday fruit basket syndrome, certain

Buying the Best Edible Gift Basket

U.S.  Consumers, shopping for a consumable present  are all too familiar with the endless choices of edible gift baskets  Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are not the only time that shoppers are faced with what seems like a gazillion choices. Considering that at least a dozen companies seemingly dominate the online market, selecting the perfect bouquet of fruit calls for patience and an abundance of consumer intelligence to shop accordingly.

First note that  bouquets of fruit come in four formats: full pieces of fruit, carved fruit that resembles a flower,  organic fruit and chocolate

Edible gift baskets

Consumer information: on selecting the best edible fruit baskets.

Why an Edible Basket Fulfills The Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Sending a box of candy with a bouquet of flowers is the typical Valentine’s Day offering. Aside from lingerie, baubles or the overpriced dinner, what’s a gent to buy a suitor for Valentines Day without going over the top or being too generic? Perhaps, a edible basket filled with her favorite fruits demonstrates that someone understands her taste. But, then the question becomes which edible gift basket merchant purveys the best goods?

If she’s NASCAR fan, a regular Harley Davidson rider or passenger or simply addicted to chocolate dipped fruit, then Edible Arrangements should appease her appetite for fruit carved to resemble flowers. The fresh fruit baskets arrive arranged in a container bearing the Harley Davidson or NASCAR insignia.

The chocolate dipped fruit is another story, as Edible Arrangements features an assortment of options: chocolate dipped strawberries, a medley of fruit coverings (white chocolate, crushed nuts, coconuts), boxed dipped fruit or chocolate dipped fruit arranged in a bouquet. Also, shoppers choose between a free greeting card or a personalized one for a nominal fee.