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When Edible Fruit Baskets Serve the Party

What do Christmas, birthdays and Labor Day share in common? Each commemorates a significant day, where gatherings and celebrations are often the norm.  Comparable cake, edible fruit baskets has become a frequent member of the merrymaking menu. Edible Fruit compiled a few entertaining ideas  with edible fruit baskets, suitable for virtually any occasion.

 When fruit is carved to resemble a floral arrangement, the presentation outdistances a fruit platter. With more individuals on special diets and watching the waist line,  edible fruit baskets embody a great substitution for cake and pie. Instead, pair the edible fruit bouquet with cookies.

Serving recommendation: Edible fruit baskets created by Edible Arrangements and Fruit Flower should be kept in the refrigerator until a few minutes before the celebration begins.

A classic, which never goes out of style, is edible fruit baskets filled with whole pieces of fruit. Vivid, exuding hues of green, orange, red and yellow depending on the edible fruit basket’s contents, some edible fruit companies offer organic fruit bouquets. (Select from pears,peaches, peaches, Anjou pears, bananas, kiwi and more).

Serving recommendation:  Compare prices for edible fruit baskets with cookies, nuts and other snacks. Cherry Moon Farms shows edible fruit baskets offered with Mrs. chocolate chip cookies.

For the pear lover, Harry & David’s edible fruit baskets have organic Royal Riviera pears, and Oregold peaches in various quantities. Cherry Moon Farms showcases a mélange of organic edible fruit bouquets. Hinging on the season, organic selections range from peaches, apples, Anjou pears and pears, kiwi, and other fruits.

Edible fruit baskets ordering tip: When ordering online, try to order at least five days in advance to save on delivery charges as well as any unforeseen shipment errors. For the best edible fruit bouquet, select arrangements with the fruit of the season. 


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up, just as it always does, the 2nd Sunday in May.  It’s a great opportunity to celebrate your mom and all the wonderful things she has done for you and all the love that she has given.  It’s a day that focuses on her and allows you to show your gratitude and love in return.

Over the years Mother’s Day has become a day when we give gifts, write poems or notes, and do special things to thank our mother’s for all that they do for us.  Some people really put a lot of thought into a Mother’s Day gift each year while other people forget or put it off until the last minute.  Some moms receive quite thoughtful gifts while others are lucky to receive a greeting card.

This year if you’d like to put a little more thought into Mother’s Day than just sending the greeting card in the mail here are a few ideas you might consider:


Flowers are a traditional Mother’s Day gift that most mothers enjoy.  Either a fresh bouquet of cut flowers or a potted flowering plant is something that your mom can enjoy for more than just one day.  A hanging basket or potted garden or garden basket are other ideas that add a different flare to the Mother’s Day flowers idea.

Breakfast in Bed

This is a fun idea for young children to do for their mom or even for adult children.  Young children might make toast and a bowl of cereal but adult children can make a really decent breakfast, both would be delightful for a mom.  Don’t forget to add a little something extra by cutting a few flowers from the garden to deliver with the breakfast or perhaps a copy of her favorite magazine or a new book.

Acts of Service

What about actually doing something for your mom?  Maybe there is something around the house that needs to be fixed, or painted, or replaced, something that just sits there until someone has the time to get around to it.  Take the time to get around to it so your mom doesn’t have to.  Or perhaps the garden needs to be weeded, the lawn needs to be mowed, or the baseboards dusted.  Give mom a break from some of the things that she has to do all the time and wash and dry the dishes.  An act of service can be something big and time consuming or it can be something rather small that young children can help with.

Fruit, Chocolate, and Gift Baskets

Edible fruit baskets or fruit arrangements filled with delicious fresh fruits are a healthy way to show your mom that you care.  These can be ordered online or you can try your hand at creating your own fruit basket or fruit arrangement.  You can also order or create a wine and cheese basket, gardening basket, book basket, snack basket, spa basket, or chocolate gift basket.

Time Together

Some moms just crave time together as a family.  Take the time to get the whole family together and go for a picnic, play at the park, play board games, watch a movie, look at old pictures.  Whatever it is that your mom would really love, take the time to do it together as a family.

Time Alone

Moms of young children need a break every once in awhile so a few hours at home alone so she can take a bath, read a book, take a nap, talk to a friend, do whatever she wants would be a well deserved and appreciate Mother’s Day gift.  Perhaps getting out of the house for a few hours is what she would like, you could arrange a surprise lunch for her with her friends or buy her a certificate for some pampering time at a spa.

If you plan ahead and put some thought into it, whether it’s simply making her breakfast in bed or ordering an edible fruit basket if you’re doing something to show your mom you care she will appreciate it.

Mother’s Day: Tips on Giving an Edible Fruit Bouquet

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 8, 2011. And it’s the only gift bearing holiday—when failure to acknowledge the one person, who birthed you is non-negotiable. According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day’s is the second leading consumer spending holiday after the winter holiday, averaging more than $10 billion in sales. Fortunately, sending an edible fruit basket is merely procrastination-proof, if you follow these how-to tips:

How to Place a Timely  Edible Fruit Bouquet  Order for Mother’s Day

1) Set up a reminder on your iPhone or other smartphone technology for April 29th at 4PM or after your last appointment of the day. This 

2) Access the Internet.

3) Visit any of the fruit bouquet company Web sites. Select from the most recognized brands:

Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets have a short refrigerated life and have to be consumed within the first 24 hours to be enjoyable. At the same token, Edible Arrangements accepts custom made orders and the chocolate dipped strawberries are a sweet and juicy option. Also, consider some of the Mother’s Day special fruit bouquets.

Cherry Moon Farms edible fruit bouquet arrives in a traditional style basket, comprised of full pieces of organic fruit: apples, oranges, and three types of pears. For Mother’s Day, the fruit bouquet company is featuring a potted pink rose plant and 6 hand-dipped strawberries arriving on corresponding days. (Only $59.99

Harry & David is a classic in fruit bouquets, made of fruit and kosher goods. The fruit bouquet company also owns a pear orchard, where they cultivate organic Royal Riviera ® pears.

4) Select an edible fruit bouquet based on its size. (Is mother a fruit lover? How many pieces of fruit  come in the fruit basket? Does mom have anyone to share the bouquet with her?  )

5) Opt for add-ons. If this happens to be the only gift that you’re sending mother, consider adding a bouquet of flowers or add a box of chocolate dipped fruit.

6) To ensure ample delivery time, place the Mother’s Day edible fruit order by 11 PM on April 29th

7) Don’t forget to add a personal note that comes with edible fruit order.

Create Chocolate Dipped Fruit Arrangements – Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re still looking for Christmas gift ideas, this Christmas you can treat your family and friends to a special and unique Christmas dessert. Christmas fruit arrangements made with fresh fruits dipped in chocolate will be a gift that will not soon be forgotten but will quickly be enjoyed. Fruit arrangements filled with strawberries, pineapples, bananas, apple wedges, and grapes, mixed with the rich taste of semi-sweet, dark chocolate, or white chocolate will be a scrumptious treat!

Purchasing an edible arrangement online or from a local vendor is a great idea, it’s very easy with just a few clicks of the mouse, in a few minutes you’ll have delicious edible arrangements on their way. However, sometimes the prices can break your budget. The other option is to make your own chocolate dipped fruit arrangements. Do it yourself chocolate covered treats can be less expensive as well as fun to make.

Begin your arrangement by determining the container that the arrangement will go in. You might opt for a box or perhaps a nice basket, platter, bowl, or vase. The size of the container will determine the amount of fruits needed.

You will want to visit your local farmers market or a grocer who carries a variety of fresh fruit. Bananas, strawberries, melon, pears, pineapple, cherries, grapes, apples and other more exotic fruits can be used in your arrangement. Chocolate strawberries are of course a favorite but don’t be afraid to use your creativity. You might choose to use pineapple and cut it into different shapes using cookie cutters. Melon with seeds and rinds removed can be cut into wedges or balled. Apples can be used in an arrangement by cutting them into wedges.

When you have your container selected and you have your fresh fruits washed and cut, it is time to melt the chocolate. If you are using more than one type of chocolate you will want to keep them separate and use different tools to keep the chocolate tastes pure. To dip just a portion of the fruit in the chocolate you may choose to hold it in your fingers but if you want to dip the entire piece of fruit in chocolate you will want to use a thin skewer or toothpick to pick up each piece of fruit and dip it. Then place the chocolate dipped fruit on a piece of wax paper to set.

When the chocolate has set on the fruit, use skewers to arrange and fill the container. A piece of foam in the bottom of the container will help the fruit and skewers to stay in place. Remember to use your creativity. More than one piece of fruit can be on one skewer and not all of the fruit has to be dipped in the chocolate. A nice mix of plain fruit along with chocolate dipped fruit is beautiful and tasty.

For more information about how to make chocolate gift ideas search online. You will find lots of recipes for chocolate creations and other fun DIY gift ideas.

Edible Fruit Baskets – Chocolate Dipped Fruits

The time of Holiday parties, Christmas parties, and New Years parties are upon us. Frequently we are asked to bring an appetizer or dessert to share, and if not, then it is of course, appropriate to bring a hostess gift for the party thrower. Picking the appropriate thing to bring can be a challenge. However, an edible arrangement would be the perfect appetizer / dessert to share or an even better hostess gift.

Baskets filled with fresh fruits such as pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, and apple wedges dipped in gourmet semi-sweet and white chocolate are a delicious and unique addition to any party. You can choose from boxes of chocolate dipped pears, or chocolate dipped strawberries or order a more traditional fruit basket or fruit bouquet and have just a few apple wedges or strawberries dipped in an assortment of chocolates. The plain fruit mixed with the chocolate dipped fruit will be beautiful as well as delicious. Fruit baskets, fruit bouquets, or boxes of chocolate dipped fruits are edible creations that everyone will enjoy!

Edible arrangements with chocolate covered fruits are available from a number of sources and in a variety of prices. There are online sources as well as local establishments which sell the healthy snacks. Begin your search online to discover where you can order a special edible fruit arrangement with chocolate dipped fruits.