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Edible Fruit Company Dubs Many Monikers

What do DippedFruit.com, Edible.com and FruitDesigns.com have in common? Aside from being websites selling fresh fruit gifts, the URL addresses belong to the same edible fruit company. Among the most beloved fruit bouquet companies, one entity maintains a growing list of alias URL addresses. And while the edible fruit company is not trying to mislead its loyal following, it appears that the company is protective of anyone buying a domain that refers to any of its offerings.

Edible Arrangements.com happens to be the most popular fruit basket company’s The flagship website.

Edible Arrangements edible fruit company

Edible fruit company, Edible Arrangements
owns kiosks across the globe and numerous URL addresses.

Edible.com is one of the website properties owned by EA. When visitors access the site, the web page appears to be linked to Edible Arrangement’s home page as a campaign redirect. Nevertheless, “edible” is also the edible fruit company’s handle on Twitter.

For several years now, Edible Arrangements’ wedding

Some Fruit Bouquet Companies Quench Consumers Thirst

Every five or so years, entrepreneurs seem to develop adaptable, but lovable  franchise business models. As edible gift baskets continue to boast solid revenues, smoothies and frozen yogurts have been quietly growing popularity in communities across America and among new franchise owners.

Red Mango, a  national self serve frozen yogurt franchise recently announced that it plans to roll out  a distinctive line of lifestyle focused smoothies. Consisting of 22 brand new flavors, the company has

Fruit Basket Franchise Vs. Joining an Edible Fruit Affiliate Program

Which business model do  you prefer a fruit basket franchise  or to become an affiliate of a major edible fruit company brand?

These business opportunities are diametric in day-to-day operations, capital and even marketing. Prospective owners of Edible Arrangements fruit basket franchise have to follow 6 steps before opening a business. Harry and David is focused on developing an online presence relying on the power of affiliate marketing. For this post of Edible Fruit, we’re comparing the aforementioned edible fruit companies business models.


At Edible Arrangements, the minimum investment to own a fruit basket franchise begins at $140,000. Capital covers fruit inventory, marketing business equipment, monthly commercial rental cost, insurance and other expenditures.

Meanwhile online marketers, who join Harry & David’s affiliate program, need  very little capital to attain a return. With an organic search engine strategy—a miminimal advertising budget affords nominal expenses, starting as low as $200 a month.


Edible Arrangements is a fruit basket franchise, whereby owners adhere to certain inventory requirements to fulfill orders made online form other cities. These inventory specifications represent extra operating expenses to accommodate fruit bouquet orders.  Harry and David’s affiliate programs enables online marketers to earn a commission without having to stock the inventory.


Affiliate programs and a fruit basket franchise authorize its partners and franchisees to use the brands’ intellectual properties to bolster sales. 


Owning a fruit basket franchises accompanies specific guidelines, such as hours of operation–that members of an affiliate program do not have to maintain. Click here to read a litigation case where franchisees are unsatisfied by an edible fruit company’s store hour policy.  


Harry and David’s affiliate program compensates online marketers 7 percent per sales referral. Edible Arrangements franchisees profit for the majority of the sale. 


Harry and David’s affiliate program presents a  treasure trove of feasible and affordable online promotional methods: social media, newsletters an online publication. Meanwhile Edible Arrangements marketing relies on both online and  the fresh fruit basket franchise’s local market to fuel  sales and profits.

Which do you prefer to own a fruit basket franchise or join Harry and David’s affiliate program?

How to Make an Edible Basket a Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is not always about the flower bouquet. While an edible basket made by a leading edible fruit company is a nice idea,  few online gift stores are known for creating a sexy Valentine’s Day bouquet. Certain elements of the edible basket are considered aphrodisiacs and make for a ripe Valentine’s Day gift idea. Use these ideas:

Romance and perhaps chocolate dipped fruit make for an interesting interlude.

What’s Needed?

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Teddy bear
  • A box of chocolate dipped fruit
  • Gift card for a massage or a bottle of massage oil for application
  • 1- cup of rose or flower petals
  • Nano Ipod burned with favorite love songs
  • A bottle of Champagne
  • Other favorite items
  • Sexy items (in example: lingerie)
  • Recycled paper
  • Roll of plastic Wrap
  • Basket
  • Bow (optional)


(Don’t forget to refrigerate the edible bouquet or at least the Champagne and chocolate dipped fruit).

Did you know that Eve’s obsession with apples inspired the apple to become a law of aphrodisiac attraction? According to sources at FruitandVeggieGuru.com, in the Middle Ages, women who allegedly slept with an apple underneath their arm and who were able to persuade the man of their attraction to consume the apple would land the man of her dreams.

 Steps for making the sexy edible basket for Valentine’s Day

1) Take a basket large enough to hold the item detailed in the above list. Wrap up the sexy gift item and place in the base of the edible basket.

 2) Next, cover the gift with a narrow layer of crumpled paper. Leave enough space in the edible basket to accommodate the other gifts.

3) Then, affix a plastic wrap over the paper, wedging the ends between the baskets.

4) Spread half of the rose or flower petals on the plastic wrap. 

5) Place the remaining items in the edible basket. After everything is in the basket, add the rest of the flower petals.

If you don’t have the ambition to create such an elaborate Valentine’s Day gift, order an edible basket  or chocolate dipped fruit from Edible Arrangements, Cherry Moon Farms or any other edible fruit company.

How to order an Edible Fruit Basket for Bosses Day?

How to order an edible fruit basket for Bosses Day with minimal office drama. Use this quick to-do list to put the plan in action:

Set the edible bouquet basket budget.

To ensure everyone’s involvement, set the edible fruit basket budget at $3 to $5 per person.


Get the group involved.

Send an email with three different bouquets for the team to help choose the best edible fruit basket. Be sure to inquire if anyone knows what the bosses’ favorite fruit is.   If the boss is bananas over pears, then Harry and David, may be the best choice for a fresh fruit bouquet made of organic Royal Riviera ® Pears. 

For an edible fruit basket with several different elements, Cherry Moon Farm’s edible fruit bouquets come with nuts, candy and other gourmet snacks. Not to mention, the edible fruit company also features a variation of organic edible fruit baskets. If the boss loves Edible Arrangements ®, customize the basket with the boss’ favorite fruits.  

In cases where your boss only eats organic fruit, click “fresh fruit bouquet” to read about ordering an organic edible fruit basket.

Place timely orders.

Order the bouquet two to three days in advance to avoid any delivery glitches.

If you’re racing with time and limited funds, you can save $10 by picking up your edible bouquet from Edible Arrangements. Since, the store offers fast made to order edible fruit baskets,  do a search on Google to find the closest fresh fruit bouquet company. To go the extra mile, Edible Arrangements can be ordered with a bouquet of balloons too.

Signatures please.

Have the team sign the card.

Present it.

Set aside a special time to present the fruit bouquet to your boss. Ask the boss for five minutes of his or her time. Make sure that your team contributors are available to participate in the presentation of the edible fruit basket.