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Thanksgiving Day Fruit Centerpieces or Edible Fruit Bouquets

 Setting the table with fruit centerpieces reminisces modest times of when the settlers and American Indians gathered for the first Thanksgiving Day dinner. It was an era when the pioneers did not have GPS to navigate them to America. The Indians were unable to text the newcomers a dinner invitation. Even the fruit centerpieces were different back then. Comprised of squash, berries and other natural elements, today, fruit centerpieces fashion an assortment of options, including edible fruit bouquets.

Edible Fruit.org compared three fruit bouquet company’s interpretation of fruit centerpieces and here are several noteworthy details.  

For non-traditional fruit centerpieces, Edible Arrangements’ edible fruit bouquets emblemize  tempting, juicy works of art. The only problem is that this fruit centerpiece need to be chilled until dinner time to prevent its tendency to oxidize in warm climates.

Another consideration about choosing Edible Arrangements’ edible fruit bouquets is the budget. For decent sized fruit centerpieces , expect to spend a minimum of $89. However, consumers can save on delivery costs, with an in store pick up.

We found Edible Arrangement’s contending  fruit bouquet company, Fruit Flower – to render a unique intepretation of the fruit centerpiece, called the Veggiecopia. An ornately traditional Thanksgiving Day wicker basket arrives with carrots, cauliflower, snow beans, cucumbers and red peppers for only $55.  For the money and the fact that its another version of edible fruit bouquets, makes it a wonderful alternative to fruit centerpiece.

Also, when one compares the price of floral arrangements to  fruit centerpieces, the cost is quantifiable to the later as its an edible fruit bouquet solves two purposes: design and the appetite.

Which do you prefer for Thanksgiving Day Dinner entertaining, fruit centerpieces or edible fruit bouquets. 


Which is Better: Edible Fruit Bouquets, Edible Cookie Bouquets or Candy Gift Baskets?

The flesh of an apple, banana or pear is incomparable to the bite of a macadamia nut cookie or a piece of chocolate covered in caramel. It’s no wonder that some individuals are unable to appreciate edible fruit bouquets, when they suffer from an addiction to consumables baked and blended with saccharum officinarum (sugar cane). While there’s is no comparison between edible cookie bouquets, candy gift baskets and edible fruit bouquets, here are few delicious edible cookie bouquets and candy gift baskets — for birthday ideas for housewarming gifts.

At Cookies By Designedible cookie bouquets are available for any occasion (birthday ideas, get well and  so on). Each satellite location bakes and hand decorates the cookies, presented in the bouquet.

For the woman, who loves a blend of salt, chocolate and sweet, , The Birthday Party Basket presents of medley of indulging offerings. The candy gift basket consists of World’s Finest ® Minte Meltaways, popcorn toffe popcorn, butter crunch toffee by  Lindt ®, peanut butter truffles, and more. . (Available at 1800baskets.com 49.99. Does not include the delivery costs)—

Cheryl’s Long-Stemmed Cookie flower bouquet is the prototype for edible cookie bouquets. For any person, who loves fresh baked cookies, this edible cookie bouquet from 1800Baskets.com includes a dozen of long stemmed cookies, resembling flowers. Even though the cookies,  are not made of organic ingredients, this cookie flower bouquet is an exacting description. On the downside, it is noteworthy that despite the endearing features of Cheryl’s cookie flower bouquets, handle with care as these long stem cookie flowers crumble under too much pressure.

Which do you prefer to give and receive edible fruit bouquets, candy gift baskets or edible cookie bouquets?

Which Company Offers the Best Gift Baskets for Carnivores?

For obvious reasons, edible fruit bouquets are not carnivores’ concept of the best gift baskets. Fruitarians tend to share an appreciation for the contemporary edible fruit bouquet.  Even though Harry and David, Edible Arrangements and Cherry Moon Farms offer edible bouquets with

How to Consume Holiday Fruit Baskets Without Wasting the Contents

Holiday Fruit Baskets

How to get the most use out of a holiday fruit basket...


From Thanksgiving Day through the end of the year boxes of chocolate, Christmas cookies and holiday fruit baskets will pour into small offices and large workplaces across the nation. Whether the edible fruit bouquet is a Cherry Moon Farms, Harry and David or Edible Arrangements, the chances of those holiday fruit baskets being unconsumed are quite high. Given the rate of poverty, hunger,  and the energy generated to produce these fruit bouquets,  it’s virtually a crime to allow any of its contents to rot.

Barring an apple or pear’s core, the seed of a plum and the pit of a cherry there are several ways to make the most of holiday fruit basket. Start with these two steps and move on to the bullets below:

  1. Savor the favorite contents of the holiday fruit baskets
  2. Once, you’ve had your fill of the edible fruit bouquet, use the following tips to minimize wasting any of its contents:
  • Concealing any scars that hinder the appearance of the fruit, offer the remaining pieces to coworkers, family and friends.
  • Cut up remaining pieces of fruit and mix with yogurt, whip cream to create a parfait.
  • Bake a pie, turnover or pastry puff. This works if the remaining pieces of the holiday fruit basket are apples, strawberries, cherries, peaches or pears.
  •  A report published by RODALE NEWS  recommends slicing a green apple and giving it to anyone suffering from a migraine. Research shows that it quells the symptoms of a migraine.

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Sweetest Day Ideas: Edible Fruit Bouquets

Q: Alyssa and I have been dating for 7 months now. Although our relationship is going well, I’ve noticed that she expects me to recognize every calendar holiday. For Ground Hog’s day, she bought me a stuffed ground hog. Since, I send her a bouquet of flowers at least once a month, I need a Sweetest Day idea that’s a little different without going gonzo. Are edible fruit bouquets adequate  gift ideas for Sweetest Day?

As long as she loves fruit, you can’t go wrong by sending her an edible fruit bouquet. However depending on her personality, it’s important to pair a bouquet from one of the top edible fruit company – retailers. 


Your new love sounds like the type of gal who takes her holidays serious, which means that she’s all about traditional matters. Cherry Moon Farms creates gorgeous edible fruit bouquets comprised of fresh fruits. If she does not like apples or oranges, consider a different fruit bouquet. 

Semi Fruit Lover

Some people don’t enjoy fruit as much as others. That’s why Harry and David’s edible fruit bouquet is an excellent alternative. Aside from its organic pears, choose from tiered boxes of nuts, candy bars and other sweet and salty snacks).

On average edible fruit bouquets range from $40 to $65.


If she’s passionate about Ground Hog’s Day, and loves pineapples, strawberries and cantaloupe, then the edible fruit bouquets by Edible Fruit Arrangements® will satisfy her a palate for juicy fruit.

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