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8-Facts on Edible Fruit Bouquets and Fresh Fruit Baskets

(ANYWHERE, USA)  – Edible fruit bouquets and fresh fruit baskets have there place in the gift industry.  These contending gift products embody several considerations before one buys. Refer to the following consumer information and  8 facts on edible fruit bouquets.

  • Cities, where Edible Arrangements stores, are open allow for the last minute birthday present, housewarming gift or commemorative for a special occasion.
  • Fresh fruit baskets outdistance the shelf life of an edible fruit bouquet.
  • Edible Arrangements are not always appropriate for as a get well greeting for hospitalized individuals. As patients are often on a restricted diet or lack the appetite to savor the fruit.

Fruit Basket Company Indiscriminate of Holiday Observances

What do Sweetest Day, Teacher’s Day and Bosses Day have in common? Each commemorative date takes place in the month of October and have a fruit basket theme available at Edible Arrangements. But aside from the fruit baskets recognizing different professions and loved ones, the fruit bouquet company also recognizes all religious holidays, showcasing tart, sweet and juicy morsels of fruit shaped.

For Sweetest Day, significant others select from 10 different fruit baskets. Prices commence  at $25, costing as much as $115.  Strawberries, honeydew melon, oranges, pineapples and cantaloupe typify the elements of the Sweetest Day  fruit basket.  Note that these Sweetest Day fruit bouquets encompass many extras not include in the basic product.

Sweetest Day transpires on Saturday October 15, 2011

Although many fast during Ramadan, Edible Arrangements offers an Eid-al-Fitr fruit basket for the end of this religious holiday, celebrated by Muslims. For this fruit basket,  the fruit resembles the traditional crescent moon and star carved from a pineapple.  (Ramadan fell on August 30, 2011 this year).

On September, 28,  Rosh Hashanah  presents another opportunity to order a fruit basket to celebrate what’s often coined as the “Jewish New Year.”   Forty dollars is the least expensive fruit basket, which actually arrives in a small ceramic mug, with pineapples  and strawberries.

Save on fruit basket delivery charges, when you place an order online and pick up the edible fruit bouquet from a local purveyor. 

Whilst. Edible Arrangements carves the contents of fruit baskets to embody specific holidays such as the  reflect a crescent shaped moon for Ramadan and the star of David  a star, consumers will not find any fruit basket for  Easter or Christmas does where the fruit resembles the sign of the cross.

Do you think it is appropriate to give an  Edible Arrangement’s fruit basket for religious holidays, Sweetest Day or other professional observance days?

Office Politics: How to Know When to Share an Edible Fruit Bouquet

At Ehow.com and other resourceful Web sites, most writers focus on how to make an edible fruit bouquet. But, few articles explain the art of how to share an edible fruit basket at the workplace.

If you receive an edible fruit bouquet at work, there are several case scenarios to consider. As the fruit bouquet can affect workplace politics, don’t underestimate its power. Before you decide, choose YES or NO.

1) Do coworkers normally share treats with others in your office?

2) Is the edible fruit bouquet sizable enough to share with three other people?

3) If you decide to keep the edible fruit bouquet to yourself, will the wrath of your selfishness outweigh sharing it?

4) Will the fruit turn brown before you can get it home?

5) Is sharing food with your boss the key to your next raise?

6) Are only a few items included in the edible fruit bouquet your favorite snacks and treats?

7)  Are you concerned about coworkers who have the flu contaminating your edible fruit basket?

8) Do you lack a private hiding spot to conceal your edible fruit bouquet so you don’t feel obligated to make an office offering?

If you answered is “yes” to four or more questions, then you must share your edible fruit basket with your coworkers. However, it’s completely acceptable for you to remove your favorite elements of your edible fruit bouquet, leaving the remaining pieces for everyone else.

Office politics loophole: If your workplace has a strict band on employees eating at their task, it’s unnecessary to share. 

Edible Fruit Company – Contingencies

Certain edible fruit baskets are meant for sharing than others. Like take, Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets, these edible fruit basket have a short lifecycle. Since the fruit is carved in flower shapes, these edible fruit bouquet should be consumed within 48-hours or less, (particularly before the fruit starts to turn brown from oxidation).

With an edible fruit bouquet from Cherry Moon Farms, or Harry and David, sharing is optional. Since, the fruit arrives in full pieces, this has an enduring lifecycle that doesn’t require sharing with coworkers. Unless of course, you don’t really like fruit…

Sweetest Day Ideas: Edible Fruit Bouquets

Q: Alyssa and I have been dating for 7 months now. Although our relationship is going well, I’ve noticed that she expects me to recognize every calendar holiday. For Ground Hog’s day, she bought me a stuffed ground hog. Since, I send her a bouquet of flowers at least once a month, I need a Sweetest Day idea that’s a little different without going gonzo. Are edible fruit bouquets adequate  gift ideas for Sweetest Day?

As long as she loves fruit, you can’t go wrong by sending her an edible fruit bouquet. However depending on her personality, it’s important to pair a bouquet from one of the top edible fruit company – retailers. 


Your new love sounds like the type of gal who takes her holidays serious, which means that she’s all about traditional matters. Cherry Moon Farms creates gorgeous edible fruit bouquets comprised of fresh fruits. If she does not like apples or oranges, consider a different fruit bouquet. 

Semi Fruit Lover

Some people don’t enjoy fruit as much as others. That’s why Harry and David’s edible fruit bouquet is an excellent alternative. Aside from its organic pears, choose from tiered boxes of nuts, candy bars and other sweet and salty snacks).

On average edible fruit bouquets range from $40 to $65.


If she’s passionate about Ground Hog’s Day, and loves pineapples, strawberries and cantaloupe, then the edible fruit bouquets by Edible Fruit Arrangements® will satisfy her a palate for juicy fruit.

 Please click edible fruit bouquets to read more about Read more about Sweetest day gift ideas.

Profile of a Real Edible Fruit Basket

Not every fruit lover appreciates an edible fruit basket whereby the fruit resembles a bouquet of flowers. Some organic purists prefer the fruitful gift basket with fresh picked offerings. When Edible Fruit went searching for awe-inspiring edible fruit basket, we found “Cherry Farm’s Wholesome Goodness Item, #Web 277” to provide all the physical, fresh and tasteful features of a luscious edible bouquet.

Edible fruit basket contents: Cherry Farm’s edible fruit bouquet, “ Wholesome Goodness” lives up to its moniker. Apples, pears and bananas arrive ripe for consumption.

Occasion: Be it a house warming gift, professional relationship or even Aunt Sally, this edible fruit bouquet is scalable for any occasion:

  • House warming gift
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Get Well
  • Congratulations 
  • Other holiday/special occasions 

Additional features: Amid the fruit bouquet ingredients, a kalanachoe plant potted in a weave is already in bloom.

What is a kalanchoe A kalanchoe is a tropical plant, native to Africa. These flowers are generally pink, crimson and white with shiny leaves, growing up to five inches or even more.

Height: Although the fruit bouquet includes three different sizes, the approximate height is 16″ (W) x 14″ (H)

Cost:   Starting at $64.99 to $84.99, gift buyers have three sizes to choose from: regular, deluxe and premium.

Delivery: To ensure expedient delivery, Cherry Farms is comprised of a network of local florists, who are committed to providing the freshest locally grown fruit. Based on the recipient’s time zone, the fruit bouquet provides same day delivery for orders placed by 3 PM.

Personalization: To personalize the gift, senders have 175 characters to add a short note.

Additional features: Add an extra touch, four additional options come with the basket: latex balloons, teddy bear, chocolates or Mylar balloons. (All are based on quantity and or size).

As for an edible fruit basket with handpicked fruit and an eye-popping arrangement, Cherry Moon Farm’s Wholesome Goodness delivers.