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DIY Fruit Baskets to Celebrate Autumn

Autumn is blessed with rich reds, browns, yellows, oranges and a touch of green. Making your own fruit basket dedicated to this season is easy, fun and inexpensive! Make one for your dining room or kitchen table, for friends and family or for your co-workers and neighbours for a few dollars or pounds each—much less than florist specials!

Choosing Your Fruit

Crispy red and green apples nestled with green and purple grapes, interspersed with oranges and lemons spotlight the occasional banana. Top the selection off with lovely chrysanthemums for a full autumn delight for eyes, nose and mouth!

When you purchase your fruit, however, not all of it should be fully ripe. Bananas ripen very quickly and become overripe even faster. If you want to include these tasty “brain food” items, make sure you buy them before they’re fully ripe. They should have slightly green ends and a less brilliant yellow to the peel. Within a day or two, they’ll be ready to eat and have less of a chance to spoil.

If possible, your apples should be the same way—just before fully ripe. If you can’t find any at that stage, then so long as they are ripe and without bruising, they should be fine for some time.

Citrus fruits—oranges, lemons and even grapefruits—ripen quickly as well. Don’t add a disproportionate number of citrus to your basket unless the receiver prefers citrus fruits to other fruits. Then, of course, tailor the fruit bouquet preferences for best reception and enjoyment!

Fruit Quantities and Ratios

Apples are the primary fruit of the fall season. Mix equal amounts of your apple variety to the total number of other fruits. Grapes, of course, are the exception. Include one or two bundles and perhaps several smaller clusters to suit.

For instance, add one red apple, one green apple, then one orange. Add another red apple, one green apple and a lemon. Add one banana. Add a few grapes. Continue until you have your fruit basket filled—mostly.

Celebrate the colours of autumn with a small cluster of your favourite autumn flower. Because it easily blends all your fruit basket colours and ties the colour theme nicely, hardy chrysanthemums are often the flower of choice.

Container Baskets

Again, keeping within autumnal colours, the most popular basket type is the brown wicker basket. Fortunately, these come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Hobby shops usually have them reasonably priced, and variety stores have them on sale quite often. Ask if you can get a discount for a bulk purchase; many merchants are amenable to the arrangement.

Don’t forget to pad the bottom of the basket: You don’t want your fruit to get bruised! A light layer of green felt or plastic grass is usually quite sufficient.

Add a card or a decorative ribbon or let the basket appearance speak for itself, and you’ve created a visual and tasty fruit feast that is almost as renewable as sunshine!

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Edible Fruit Baskets: Scoring a Deal and Skirting the Extras

Not all edible fruit basket purveyors feed the bargain hunters thirst for a discount. But among the most recognized fruit bouquet company names, Harry and David, Cherry Moon Farms and Edible Arrangements, there are a few tips to handpick some of these  sweet and tempting deals and promotions.

Seasonal organic fruit is commonly on special at the longest standing fruit bouquet company, Harry and David. As of this posting, a purchase of two-boxes of Oregold Peaches earns a 50 percent discount on the second box. Another juicy edible fruit basket deal at Harry and David is the club membership, available in three, six, nine and 12-month memberships with free delivery (Starting at $99.95) 

Note that most of Harry and David’s organic fruit specials are shipped ripe, meaning that the edible fruit basket’s contents are for immediate consumption. 

Cherry Moon Farms also features

When Edible Fruit Baskets Serve the Party

What do Christmas, birthdays and Labor Day share in common? Each commemorates a significant day, where gatherings and celebrations are often the norm.  Comparable cake, edible fruit baskets has become a frequent member of the merrymaking menu. Edible Fruit compiled a few entertaining ideas  with edible fruit baskets, suitable for virtually any occasion.

 When fruit is carved to resemble a floral arrangement, the presentation outdistances a fruit platter. With more individuals on special diets and watching the waist line,  edible fruit baskets embody a great substitution for cake and pie. Instead, pair the edible fruit bouquet with cookies.

Serving recommendation: Edible fruit baskets created by Edible Arrangements and Fruit Flower should be kept in the refrigerator until a few minutes before the celebration begins.

A classic, which never goes out of style, is edible fruit baskets filled with whole pieces of fruit. Vivid, exuding hues of green, orange, red and yellow depending on the edible fruit basket’s contents, some edible fruit companies offer organic fruit bouquets. (Select from pears,peaches, peaches, Anjou pears, bananas, kiwi and more).

Serving recommendation:  Compare prices for edible fruit baskets with cookies, nuts and other snacks. Cherry Moon Farms shows edible fruit baskets offered with Mrs. chocolate chip cookies.

For the pear lover, Harry & David’s edible fruit baskets have organic Royal Riviera pears, and Oregold peaches in various quantities. Cherry Moon Farms showcases a mélange of organic edible fruit bouquets. Hinging on the season, organic selections range from peaches, apples, Anjou pears and pears, kiwi, and other fruits.

Edible fruit baskets ordering tip: When ordering online, try to order at least five days in advance to save on delivery charges as well as any unforeseen shipment errors. For the best edible fruit bouquet, select arrangements with the fruit of the season. 


Edible Fruit Baskets Vs. Cake

How would you compare the difference between edible fruit baskets to cake?

From color, cost to calories, these consumable party favorites consist of a litany of differences. It used to be that  the cake commanded all the attention at birthday parties and other celebrations. These days, the edible fruit basket s at the helm of all the attention. So, we decided to conduct an analysis comparing  an edible fruit bouquet to cake. And to level the playing field, chocolate dipped fruit was included.

Dissimilar to a fruit bouquet, the cake has had a controversial past.

For starter’s there’s an urban legend, which refers to princess Marie Antoinette saying: “Let them eat cake, “in reference to the impoverished French of the late 1700s. As it turns out,  Jean-Jacques Rousseau essentially misquoted the princess. Then, there’s the American tradition that brides and grooms taste test wedding cakes in quest of the best cake baker.

Meanwhile, a fruit bouquet, does not have any urban legends or taste tests. But then again, these fruit  have been the centerpieces of some famous artists.

From red velvet chocolate cake to yellow mix, cake and fruit bouquet are equivocal given the different food colorings. Nevertheless, an edible fruit bouquet consists of an array of colors: green, orange, red, yellow and so on.

If you order a birthday cake from a bakery, expect to pay $40 or more for a three-layer cake with a customized salutation. Edible fruit bouquets start at $20 for an individual sized bouquet of chocolate dipped fruit.

Fruit baskets clean up easier than a birthday cake. The frosting and crumb factor contribute to the cake’s messy qualities. With a fruit bouquet—where the fruit has been carved to resemble a flower, the celebration tidy up involves the remnants of fruit,  spears and a few napkins. Meanwhile, forks, paper plates and napkins are not only another cost, but add to landfill matter.

Texture is the most overwhelming disparity  between cake and an edible fruit bouquet. A soft texture of sweet, melting into the palette is indicative of cake, whereby fruit releases traces of sweet and tart. With the hard outer shell of chocolate dipped fruit, an edible bouquet takes on  a fusion of flavors which, delights just as much as a piece of chocolate cake (without the calories).

Caloric value to Nutrition
But if one compares the nutritional and caloric value of the fruit bouquet to cake, an edible fruit basket is the definitive winner. After all, processed foods do not hold a candle to the natural vitamins and antioxidants available in chocolate dipped fruit and cake.

What type of person are you? Are you a cake eater or an edible baskets lover?

Knowing the Difference Between Edible Fruit Baskets and Edible Fruit Bouquets

What is the difference between edible fruit baskets and edible fruit bouquets?

Baskets are usually made of straw, bamboo, wood, metal and other sustainable products. Bouquet generally refers to a collection of flowers or edible fruit.  Although edible fruit baskets refer to the consumable goods, it does not necessarily mean the basket is edible.

Long before the Edible Arrangements ® , a fruit bouquet company, known for carving pieces of fruit to resemble the outline of a flower bouquet, fruit baskets were popular house warming gifts. Rather then place orders over the Internet or by phone, people would fill a basket full of fresh fruit, selected at the grocery store.

After Edible Arrangements ® grew in popularity, some people started to refer to the bouquets as edible fruit baskets.    

Which is better to give: edible fruit baskets or an edible fruit bouquet?

The basket versus the bouquet is another story altogether. At certain fruit bouquet companies, such as   Harry and David, or Cherry Moon Farms the edible fruit is not carved. Rather, it is filled with full, fresh fruit selections. For obvious reasons the fruit contained in a basket is not that different.

Apples, pears, oranges are the primary components of a fruit basket. Since these fruits travel better than bananas, plums and peaches, they make for better elements for edible fruit baskets.

Did you know that Edible Arrangements ®, edible fruit baskets are made to order for consumption within 48-hours or less.

If one were to compare the fruit quality of edible fruit baskets to edible fruit bouquet, it would be a toss up. Edible fruit bouquets, where the ingredients are carved, are fresher when the giver opts for an Edible Arrangements that is within a 10-mile radius of the recipient. 

In cases, where the edible fruit company is more than a 30-mile radius, the quality becomes questionable. That’s when Cherry Moon Farms and Harry and David’s edible fruit baskets serve as a savvier choice.