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A Recipe for an Edible Fruit Basket

The recipe for a edible fruit basket is easy, it simply requires gathering the right assortment of fruits and arranging them into an awe-inspiring presentation.

This edible fruit basket recipe requires fresh tropical fruits such as:

Select the freshest of fruits at the market. Buy a cantaloupe and pineapple, emitting hints of their aromatic fragrance. Choose grapes and strawberries firm and vibrant in color. Avoid buying fruit with scarring or any brown discoloration which will detract from the appearance of the fruit bouquet arrangement and most likely render an unpleasant taste.

Gently clean the surface of each fruit to remove any dust or dirt. Allow each fruit to fully dry before proceeding. When using large fruits such as cantaloupe, pineapple and melon in a fruit basket you will need to be sure your basket is large enough to accommodate the fruits. A basket that is too small could easily break or tip over from the weight of the fruits. The fruit can simply be placed in the basket with the biggest and heaviest pieces on the bottom. Or you can cut and carve the fruits into an interesting arrangement.

To make a fruit arrangement, cut off both ends of the pineapple, then stand it on its long side and cut it in half. Remove the rind and slice one-half inch quarter slices, using a knife or cookie cutter to round the edges into the shape of a daisy.

Trim off the top of the strawberries’ stems. With the bottom of the strawberry (the pointed side) facing you, spear a 14” skewer one centimeter from where it was trimmed. Push the strawberry down, and add the pineapple daisy on top.

For the rest of the fruit bouquet, cut and cube the remaining edible fruit: the cantaloupe and honeydew melon into half inch slices. Spear the fruit pieces on the skewers with alternating pieces of honeydew melon, grapes cantaloupe.  Alternate the fruit on the skewers, incorporating the strawberries.

If the fruit bouquet is being created for a chocolate lover, we suggest dipping the strawberries in a chocolate spread.

Find a decorative vase in which to arrange the fruit spears.

For those of you, who do no have the time to buy, cut and arrange an edible fruit basket or fruit arrangement, a wealth of online sites custom order and deliver these edible fruit arrangements.

Are Edible Gift Basket Companies Trafficking Fruit?

Indeed, the evolution of a piece of fruit is a compelling story. It is one of triumph and hope. The most ambitious fruit dreams of being harvested to be featured in a gift basket or even better, the home page of a website. After all the contents of an edible basket is supposed to be la crème de la crème. Void of bruises dings, and other blemishes, the fruit of the fruit basket is quite polished. Exuding a healthy glow, it yields the precise firmness and ripeness high in consumer demand. Yet, to some omnivores, the gift basket business is nothing more than a legal fruit trafficking entity.  

Do Edible Gift Baskets Satisfy Dad on Father’s Day?

While the fruit basket can be an endearing gift idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a tad bit thorny. Most dads are not a pushover for flowers, fruit and chocolate. As far as gift ideas for Father’s Day, an edible gift basket outdistances the fruit bouquet for one reason only: the assortment. If Dad is not a vegetarian, addicted to fruit, or on dietary restrictions, the edible gift idea will satisfy his taste for a variety victuals.

The National Retail Federation’s data research that Father’s Day does not  generate the sales results that Mother’s Day does ($18 billion). (The data suggests why floral bouquet sales are not as productive during the day that commemorates U.S.paternal figures).

For some, the contents of a fruit basket, conjures an image of a container, stocked with nutritious elements prescribed by a dietitian.

Edible Fruit Baskets Complement Wellness Programs

With the emerging rate of diabetics and gluten allergies, cookies, candy and cake are no longer the ultimate birthday celebration victual for the impromptu, office celebration. At a time when corporations are starting to encourage employees to modify unhealthy lifestyle habits, edible fruit baskets outdistance sugar, processed and flour laden goodies.

The Willis Health and Productivity Survey, 2011 by Willis North America’s Human Capital Practice conducted a survey, regarding the percentage of U.S. employers, which have a wellness program in place.The  market research compiled data from 1,598 employers, transcending a cross spectrum of sectors, organizational sizes,  and regions. The results depicted that 60 percent of  companies were promoting wellness to employees through programs and other incentives. (1)

Edible Gift Basket Company Leaves Unsavory Taste on 2-14-12

February 14th 2012 was not the romantic, blissful  day it was meant to be for all the consumers, who ordered an edible gift basket. An assortment of fruit basket reviews indicate that Valentine’s Day was tainted for some in Boston, Massachusetts.  According to the website: Edible-Arrangements.pissed consumer.com, more than a dozen consumers were burned on Valentine’s Day 2012 when edible gift basket deliveries went unfulfilled.

It turns out that an Edible Arrangements franchise, serving customers in Milton and Boston