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Some Edible Bouquets Sooth an Addiction to Chocolate

Certain edible bouquets ooze with an adequate dose of chocolate, or at least enough to satisfy a chocoholic’s cravings. Among the top ten most recognized brands, one fruit bouquet company epitomizes luxury chocolate. That would be The Chocolate Covered Company’s. Here,  delectable morsels of fruit immersed in extremely dense coatings of Belgium chocolate suit the cacao aficionado’s taste buds.

Clinical trials and medical research as documented in an article by Juniper Russo  indicates that  “the mood-elevating effects of chocolate are self-regulating …  and do not generally lead to physiological addiction except in extreme circumstances.”

DIY Fruit Baskets to Celebrate Autumn

Autumn is blessed with rich reds, browns, yellows, oranges and a touch of green. Making your own fruit basket dedicated to this season is easy, fun and inexpensive! Make one for your dining room or kitchen table, for friends and family or for your co-workers and neighbours for a few dollars or pounds each—much less than florist specials!

Choosing Your Fruit

Crispy red and green apples nestled with green and purple grapes, interspersed with oranges and lemons spotlight the occasional banana. Top the selection off with lovely chrysanthemums for a full autumn delight for eyes, nose and mouth!

When you purchase your fruit, however, not all of it should be fully ripe. Bananas ripen very quickly and become overripe even faster. If you want to include these tasty “brain food” items, make sure you buy them before they’re fully ripe. They should have slightly green ends and a less brilliant yellow to the peel. Within a day or two, they’ll be ready to eat and have less of a chance to spoil.

If possible, your apples should be the same way—just before fully ripe. If you can’t find any at that stage, then so long as they are ripe and without bruising, they should be fine for some time.

Citrus fruits—oranges, lemons and even grapefruits—ripen quickly as well. Don’t add a disproportionate number of citrus to your basket unless the receiver prefers citrus fruits to other fruits. Then, of course, tailor the fruit bouquet preferences for best reception and enjoyment!

Fruit Quantities and Ratios

Apples are the primary fruit of the fall season. Mix equal amounts of your apple variety to the total number of other fruits. Grapes, of course, are the exception. Include one or two bundles and perhaps several smaller clusters to suit.

For instance, add one red apple, one green apple, then one orange. Add another red apple, one green apple and a lemon. Add one banana. Add a few grapes. Continue until you have your fruit basket filled—mostly.

Celebrate the colours of autumn with a small cluster of your favourite autumn flower. Because it easily blends all your fruit basket colours and ties the colour theme nicely, hardy chrysanthemums are often the flower of choice.

Container Baskets

Again, keeping within autumnal colours, the most popular basket type is the brown wicker basket. Fortunately, these come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Hobby shops usually have them reasonably priced, and variety stores have them on sale quite often. Ask if you can get a discount for a bulk purchase; many merchants are amenable to the arrangement.

Don’t forget to pad the bottom of the basket: You don’t want your fruit to get bruised! A light layer of green felt or plastic grass is usually quite sufficient.

Add a card or a decorative ribbon or let the basket appearance speak for itself, and you’ve created a visual and tasty fruit feast that is almost as renewable as sunshine!

The author of this article is Holly Miller, who writes for Coupon Croc, the leader in online discount codes to save on all of your online purchases.

Giving Dads Good Father’s Day Gift Baskets

Compared to mom, father’s generally get the short end of the stick when it comes to their special day: Father’s Day. As flower arrangements, fruit bouquets, and a box of chocolate are not the atypical items, which make dad ooh and ah, there are a few approaches to please dad. Here we’ve developed a short list of Father’s Day gift basket ideas:

1)    Search online among the most popular fruit bouquet companies: Cherry Moon Farms, Edible Arrangements and  Harry and David.

2)    Compare each companies fruit bouquets. Since each presents a different interpretation of the edible bouquet,  be sure to evaluate the contents, fruit bouquet delivery costs as well as the various sizes and prices.

Father’s Day Gift basket note: If Dad does not enjoy fruit, create your own

Gift basket. Consider these suggestions:

For dads, who are addicted to 18-holes of golf, create Father’s Day Gift baskets filled with golf balls, gloves, energy drink, a Titlist baseball hat, golf attire and any other gadgets that will improve dada’s game.  Also, be sure to explore is any golfing events and opens are scheduled in Dad’s locality. Don’t rule out Web sites, selling golf products, however be sure to compare prices.

Container wise: Opt for an untraditional gift basket. After all it’s for dad and he’ll appreciate the extra effort put into giving him a nice gift. For instance,  a golf bag doubles as an excellent Father’s day gift baskets – especially when it’s arrives stocked with all the gadgets dad needs for a good round of golf.

Finally, dad does not have to be a golf enthusiast to create a wonderful Father’s Day gift baskets. Customize the items according to dad’s favorite past time.

Please click on Father’s day Gift Baskets for additional ideas.

5-Reasons It’s OK to Give an Edible Fruit Bouquet on Valentine’s Day

Perhaps you have a unique relationship. Maybe, it’s the type of partnership that is not based on the size of the flower arrangement or meeting a standard on Valentine’s Day. There are five reasons it’s okay to give an edible fruit  bouquet:

1)    Sensual. Let’s face it—fruit has always been sexy. Eve started the reverence to fruit when she picked the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden. Not to mention, there’s something quite juicy, mouthwatering and satisfying about fruit bouquets, (particularly the ones created by Edible Arrangements).

Ever notice how a  fruit bouquet and flowers have a longstanding contentious relationship in the world of art? The two subjects have been at the helm of many artists’ masterpieces. So why should Valentine’s Day be any different?

2)    Aphrodisiac. If you read the ingredients of a fruit bouquet, this article explains how and which components are linked to the love elixir.

3)    Sharing. Unlike the selfish qualities and single functionality of the flower bouquet, edible fruit bouquets are emblematic of sharing. It’s hard to slice and share flowers.

 When you buy an edible bouquet, it’s only naturally fitting that you partake in the consumption.

4)    Shows effort. Flower bouquets are expected Valentine’s Day gifts. But if you send chocolate dipped fruit, it looks like you really put some effort into the love-focused day..

5)    Last minute. On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2011, when most flower shops are booked for deliveries, depending where one orders an edible fruit bouquet, brick and mortar fruit bouquet companies (Edible Arrangements, and Harry and David) are open. That means a lot of people can place those last minute Valentine’s Day orders. (Also, Edible Arrangements offers an express services, where patrons can place orders and go).

Which will you give or send this Valentine’s Day: a flower arrangement or a fresh edible fruit bouquet?

How to Make an Edible Basket a Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is not always about the flower bouquet. While an edible basket made by a leading edible fruit company is a nice idea,  few online gift stores are known for creating a sexy Valentine’s Day bouquet. Certain elements of the edible basket are considered aphrodisiacs and make for a ripe Valentine’s Day gift idea. Use these ideas:

Romance and perhaps chocolate dipped fruit make for an interesting interlude.

What’s Needed?

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Teddy bear
  • A box of chocolate dipped fruit
  • Gift card for a massage or a bottle of massage oil for application
  • 1- cup of rose or flower petals
  • Nano Ipod burned with favorite love songs
  • A bottle of Champagne
  • Other favorite items
  • Sexy items (in example: lingerie)
  • Recycled paper
  • Roll of plastic Wrap
  • Basket
  • Bow (optional)


(Don’t forget to refrigerate the edible bouquet or at least the Champagne and chocolate dipped fruit).

Did you know that Eve’s obsession with apples inspired the apple to become a law of aphrodisiac attraction? According to sources at FruitandVeggieGuru.com, in the Middle Ages, women who allegedly slept with an apple underneath their arm and who were able to persuade the man of their attraction to consume the apple would land the man of her dreams.

 Steps for making the sexy edible basket for Valentine’s Day

1) Take a basket large enough to hold the item detailed in the above list. Wrap up the sexy gift item and place in the base of the edible basket.

 2) Next, cover the gift with a narrow layer of crumpled paper. Leave enough space in the edible basket to accommodate the other gifts.

3) Then, affix a plastic wrap over the paper, wedging the ends between the baskets.

4) Spread half of the rose or flower petals on the plastic wrap. 

5) Place the remaining items in the edible basket. After everything is in the basket, add the rest of the flower petals.

If you don’t have the ambition to create such an elaborate Valentine’s Day gift, order an edible basket  or chocolate dipped fruit from Edible Arrangements, Cherry Moon Farms or any other edible fruit company.