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How the Top Edible Basket Companies Stack Up

Ever notice how Edible Arrangements, Cherry Moon Farms, Golden Edibles, and Harry and David top the page results, generated with the phrase: “edible baskets” on search engines, such as Google and Yahoo? Among frequent gift basket shoppers, online retailers, these leading fruit baskets brands exude distinct features, driving their respective online brand marketing strategy.

  • A Trendsetter

Edible Arrangements shares its niche for carving fruit to resemble a flower with Fruit Flower and the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company. And still, Edible Arrangements dominates its competitors.

DIY Fruit Baskets to Celebrate Autumn

Autumn is blessed with rich reds, browns, yellows, oranges and a touch of green. Making your own fruit basket dedicated to this season is easy, fun and inexpensive! Make one for your dining room or kitchen table, for friends and family or for your co-workers and neighbours for a few dollars or pounds each—much less than florist specials!

Choosing Your Fruit

Crispy red and green apples nestled with green and purple grapes, interspersed with oranges and lemons spotlight the occasional banana. Top the selection off with lovely chrysanthemums for a full autumn delight for eyes, nose and mouth!

When you purchase your fruit, however, not all of it should be fully ripe. Bananas ripen very quickly and become overripe even faster. If you want to include these tasty “brain food” items, make sure you buy them before they’re fully ripe. They should have slightly green ends and a less brilliant yellow to the peel. Within a day or two, they’ll be ready to eat and have less of a chance to spoil.

If possible, your apples should be the same way—just before fully ripe. If you can’t find any at that stage, then so long as they are ripe and without bruising, they should be fine for some time.

Citrus fruits—oranges, lemons and even grapefruits—ripen quickly as well. Don’t add a disproportionate number of citrus to your basket unless the receiver prefers citrus fruits to other fruits. Then, of course, tailor the fruit bouquet preferences for best reception and enjoyment!

Fruit Quantities and Ratios

Apples are the primary fruit of the fall season. Mix equal amounts of your apple variety to the total number of other fruits. Grapes, of course, are the exception. Include one or two bundles and perhaps several smaller clusters to suit.

For instance, add one red apple, one green apple, then one orange. Add another red apple, one green apple and a lemon. Add one banana. Add a few grapes. Continue until you have your fruit basket filled—mostly.

Celebrate the colours of autumn with a small cluster of your favourite autumn flower. Because it easily blends all your fruit basket colours and ties the colour theme nicely, hardy chrysanthemums are often the flower of choice.

Container Baskets

Again, keeping within autumnal colours, the most popular basket type is the brown wicker basket. Fortunately, these come in all shapes, sizes and prices. Hobby shops usually have them reasonably priced, and variety stores have them on sale quite often. Ask if you can get a discount for a bulk purchase; many merchants are amenable to the arrangement.

Don’t forget to pad the bottom of the basket: You don’t want your fruit to get bruised! A light layer of green felt or plastic grass is usually quite sufficient.

Add a card or a decorative ribbon or let the basket appearance speak for itself, and you’ve created a visual and tasty fruit feast that is almost as renewable as sunshine!

The author of this article is Holly Miller, who writes for Coupon Croc, the leader in online discount codes to save on all of your online purchases.

Edible Fruit Baskets – Chocolate Dipped Fruits

The time of Holiday parties, Christmas parties, and New Years parties are upon us. Frequently we are asked to bring an appetizer or dessert to share, and if not, then it is of course, appropriate to bring a hostess gift for the party thrower. Picking the appropriate thing to bring can be a challenge. However, an edible arrangement would be the perfect appetizer / dessert to share or an even better hostess gift.

Baskets filled with fresh fruits such as pineapple, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapes, and apple wedges dipped in gourmet semi-sweet and white chocolate are a delicious and unique addition to any party. You can choose from boxes of chocolate dipped pears, or chocolate dipped strawberries or order a more traditional fruit basket or fruit bouquet and have just a few apple wedges or strawberries dipped in an assortment of chocolates. The plain fruit mixed with the chocolate dipped fruit will be beautiful as well as delicious. Fruit baskets, fruit bouquets, or boxes of chocolate dipped fruits are edible creations that everyone will enjoy!

Edible arrangements with chocolate covered fruits are available from a number of sources and in a variety of prices. There are online sources as well as local establishments which sell the healthy snacks. Begin your search online to discover where you can order a special edible fruit arrangement with chocolate dipped fruits.

Thanksgiving Day: Edible Baskets without the Fruit

For some it’s not always about edible baskets filled with fruit. Not everyone cares about the cultivation process that transpires before produce becomes a component of the fruit basket. Certain people require a daily allowance of chocolate, sweet and processed vittles. In observation of America’s renowned day for eating-Thanksgiving Day, Edible Fruit went to Cherry Moon Farms for some ripe alternatives to the fruit bouquet.

The shopping budget was $50 or less, including delivery charges. Edible baskets with baked goods, chocolate or hand-dipped fruit were the popular choices that we found at Cherry Moon Farms. 

Instead of sending a fruit bouquet loaded with different, organic picked fruit, consider Cherry Moon Farms edible baskets of a dozen hand-dipped strawberries, which are covered in coconut, nuts or more chocolate. This edible fruit basket alternative is nice Thanksgiving Day gift to give a host. (Under $35)

What to do when you don’t have the time or talent to bake flawless looking cupcakes, decorated with a sugary pumpkin on top?  Let Cherry Moon Farms manage the baking and delivery. The Autumn Cupcake Sampler is another edible baskets gift idea. It comes comprised of a dozen of red velvet, chocolate and vanilla bean cupcakes. ($39.97).

How to feed a chocolate lover’s addiction to cookies and brownies? Send them a Cherry Moon Farms’ edible basket, filled with 24-bite sized Nibblers (r) bite sized cookies (by Mrs. Fields). Toss in 18 brownie bites and a dozen of mini chocolate chipped muffins, and your nourishing the fix. ($39.97)

Perhaps, you don’t have the time to bake Thanksgiving Day cookies. Again, Cherry Moon Farms delivers another edible basket option of 12-precisely, hand-frosted cookies, molded in the form of a pumpkin or autumn leaf. 

Many people also rave about the gourmet chocolates sold by Cherry Moon Farms from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, which happens to be certified Kosher Dairy by Orthodox Union. The assortment consists of three dozens truffles, melt-a-ways, nut clusters and more. ($29.99)

Adorable, delicious and bearing the resemblance of a lollipop, Cherry Moon Farms’ hand decorated autumn pumpkin brownie pops makes another memorable, edible baskets, turned dessert idea. ($29.99)

Tell us about your favorite edible baskets.