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Consumer Intelligence: Ordering a Fresh Fruit Basket

For the consumer, who has never bought a fresh fruit basket before, there are three things to be cautious of: 1) First know the different types of edible  baskets;  2) beware of  fruit bouquet delivery costs and policies,; pluscaution is advised on clearance items.

  •  Types of bouquets

Bouquets of fruits are available in three formats. Full pieces, carved fruits. Dipped fruits are the three types of fruit baskets and arrangements. Edible Arrangements, Fruit Flower,  and the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company (FFBC) purvey edible baskets, resembling floral arrangements. (The average fruit bouquet is $45+).

Commonly sold by Harry & David, Cherry Moon Farms and ProFlower,  contemporary fresh fruit baskets include full pieces of fruit packaged in a box or  basket.

Edible Basket Company Implicated in Chocolate Dipped Fruit Scandal

Perhaps, the edible basket company, Indulged is at the helm of a fruit scandal, several consumer conflicts and a potential addiction epidemic.  Some deem it to be an oxymoron that a fruit bouquet company overlooks the fruit. Inventory reports suggest that batches and batches of over-sized morsels of chocolate have been going out in droves.

Why an Edible Basket Fulfills The Valentine’s Day Dilemma

Sending a box of candy with a bouquet of flowers is the typical Valentine’s Day offering. Aside from lingerie, baubles or the overpriced dinner, what’s a gent to buy a suitor for Valentines Day without going over the top or being too generic? Perhaps, a edible basket filled with her favorite fruits demonstrates that someone understands her taste. But, then the question becomes which edible gift basket merchant purveys the best goods?

If she’s NASCAR fan, a regular Harley Davidson rider or passenger or simply addicted to chocolate dipped fruit, then Edible Arrangements should appease her appetite for fruit carved to resemble flowers. The fresh fruit baskets arrive arranged in a container bearing the Harley Davidson or NASCAR insignia.

The chocolate dipped fruit is another story, as Edible Arrangements features an assortment of options: chocolate dipped strawberries, a medley of fruit coverings (white chocolate, crushed nuts, coconuts), boxed dipped fruit or chocolate dipped fruit arranged in a bouquet. Also, shoppers choose between a free greeting card or a personalized one for a nominal fee.

3-Guarantees That Don’t Come with a Fruit Basket Delivery

Some consumers are unaware of the no guarantees, which often accompany  a fruit basket delivery. An edible basket delivery is not the type of purchase that can withstand a delay or unforeseen events. From an inaccurate address to the recipient being unavailable at the time of delivery, here are several noteworthy fruit basket delivery considerations.

  • Unavailable recipient. 

If the recipient is unavailable, the vast majority of edible fruit bouquet companies do not offer a money back guarantee. Fruit Flowers.com prominently displays such a disclaimer on its Web page, outlining its fruit basket delivery policy. Consumers can avoid this pitfall by notifying the  recipient of a time sensitive delivery. 

  • Inaccurate address

Always verify the recipient’s address.  Based on the limited time to arrange and fulfill fruit basket delivery orders, providers do not generally contact the recipients to verify contact information. As a result, fruit bouquet companies are also unable to cover the cost of inaccurate fruit basket delivery. In actuality, this is one area where, most companies do not offer a refund.

Freshness represents another reason to consider an edible fruit basket with full pieces of fruit opposed to fruit bouquets, which come in the format of sliced or carved fruit. (Fruit bouquets m from Edible Arrangements and Fruit Flowers–are characteristic of these fruit bouquets, generally require immediate consumption.

  • Vases, baskets and containers.

Another guarantee that fruit bouquet companies don’t make is the container or vase that the fruit basket delivery arrives in. Since the specialty fruit bouquet containers for Harley Davidson and Disney are sold promoting these fruit bouquets, be sure to check with the fruit bouquet company. 

When redeeming a free fruit basket delivery, remember that these promotions do not include weekends.

Finally, before placing any fruit basket delivery, always review the fine-print to avoid any pesky policies.