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10-Nat’l Days in December Focus on Christmas + Chocolate

In addition to December being the month to recognize the beloved pear (National Pear Month), according to the research and marketing department of online greeting company, 123Greetings.com, Christmas is among 10 other national days in December that compliment one of the biggest holidays of the season.

Here’s an overview of these known and unknown days:

December 4 Santa’s List is supposedly the time before Christmas that naughty children have a chance to redeem themselves by doing good deeds or extra chores to get on Santa’s good list.

Two days later, December 6 is St. Nicholas Day, the one time priest, bishop and saint who was known for hanging stockings full of goodies.

December 9 is a good target date to send out holiday greetings, as it happens to be Christmas Card Day. Legend has it that the first commercial greeting card was born in 1843 by innovator, Sir Henry Cole.

Nonetheless, it’s completely acceptable to send a holiday fruit basket with a simple greeting.

Poinsettia Day honors the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett, who passed away On December 12 1851.  As the first diplomatic minister to Mexico, Mr. Roberts also exported Poinsettias which were named after him.

Valentine’s Day: Sexy Facts About Chocolate Dipped Fruit

Ever ponder why chocolate dipped strawberries are such a popular Valentine’s Day gift? Indeed, there is something sensuous about a smooth, shell of milk or dark chocolate, shroud of strawberries.

Wonder why it’s a good idea to send some form of chocolate on Valentine’s Day (February 14th, 2013)?

It has to do with love.

Indulge in these juicy, but sexy facts, about chocolate dipped fruit and giving it on Valentine’s Day (VD).

Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac?

Whether it’s white, milk or dark, be sure to send some form of chocolate dipped fruit on Valentine’s Day to the one you love and want to be loved by. Scientific research shows that chocolate is not necessarily the aphrodisiac, it has been misconstrued to be.

In fact, the misunderstood chocolate creates a feeling of love. As it turns out, chocolate is loaded with a chemical, referred to as phenylethylamine (PEA).  PEA has the potential to release hormones which create a feeling of euphoria. However, this feeling, when it occurs, is very short lived.  Researchers still work to find the link between sex drive and chocolate.