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Edible Gift Basket Companies Let Them Eat Fruit

With First Lady Michelle Obama endorsing programs such as the “Eat Right, Be Bright” campaign, edible gift baskets filled with fruit are still in vogue. And even as the healthy food initiative grows nutritional awareness, it’s companies such as Simply Fresh Fruit, Harry & David, and Cherry Moon Farms that present consumers with a medley of fruit resources.

In California, Simply Fresh Fruit endorses the First Lady’s fruit program

How the Top Edible Basket Companies Stack Up

Ever notice how Edible Arrangements, Cherry Moon Farms, Golden Edibles, and Harry and David top the page results, generated with the phrase: “edible baskets” on search engines, such as Google and Yahoo? Among frequent gift basket shoppers, online retailers, these leading fruit baskets brands exude distinct features, driving their respective online brand marketing strategy.

  • A Trendsetter

Edible Arrangements shares its niche for carving fruit to resemble a flower with Fruit Flower and the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company. And still, Edible Arrangements dominates its competitors.

Dispelling Edible Fruit Disenchantment

What is at the core of every edible fruit  consumer review embodies a basket full of policies, foreshadowing  the potential for customer discontent.  As for ordering a fresh fruit  bouquet, consumers circumnavigate frustration, disgruntlement and aggravation by reading through the lines of the terms of service.

Mother’s Day: Tips on Giving an Edible Fruit Bouquet

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, May 8, 2011. And it’s the only gift bearing holiday—when failure to acknowledge the one person, who birthed you is non-negotiable. According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day’s is the second leading consumer spending holiday after the winter holiday, averaging more than $10 billion in sales. Fortunately, sending an edible fruit basket is merely procrastination-proof, if you follow these how-to tips:

How to Place a Timely  Edible Fruit Bouquet  Order for Mother’s Day

1) Set up a reminder on your iPhone or other smartphone technology for April 29th at 4PM or after your last appointment of the day. This 

2) Access the Internet.

3) Visit any of the fruit bouquet company Web sites. Select from the most recognized brands:

Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets have a short refrigerated life and have to be consumed within the first 24 hours to be enjoyable. At the same token, Edible Arrangements accepts custom made orders and the chocolate dipped strawberries are a sweet and juicy option. Also, consider some of the Mother’s Day special fruit bouquets.

Cherry Moon Farms edible fruit bouquet arrives in a traditional style basket, comprised of full pieces of organic fruit: apples, oranges, and three types of pears. For Mother’s Day, the fruit bouquet company is featuring a potted pink rose plant and 6 hand-dipped strawberries arriving on corresponding days. (Only $59.99

Harry & David is a classic in fruit bouquets, made of fruit and kosher goods. The fruit bouquet company also owns a pear orchard, where they cultivate organic Royal Riviera ® pears.

4) Select an edible fruit bouquet based on its size. (Is mother a fruit lover? How many pieces of fruit  come in the fruit basket? Does mom have anyone to share the bouquet with her?  )

5) Opt for add-ons. If this happens to be the only gift that you’re sending mother, consider adding a bouquet of flowers or add a box of chocolate dipped fruit.

6) To ensure ample delivery time, place the Mother’s Day edible fruit order by 11 PM on April 29th

7) Don’t forget to add a personal note that comes with edible fruit order.

Office Politics: How to Know When to Share an Edible Fruit Bouquet

At Ehow.com and other resourceful Web sites, most writers focus on how to make an edible fruit bouquet. But, few articles explain the art of how to share an edible fruit basket at the workplace.

If you receive an edible fruit bouquet at work, there are several case scenarios to consider. As the fruit bouquet can affect workplace politics, don’t underestimate its power. Before you decide, choose YES or NO.

1) Do coworkers normally share treats with others in your office?

2) Is the edible fruit bouquet sizable enough to share with three other people?

3) If you decide to keep the edible fruit bouquet to yourself, will the wrath of your selfishness outweigh sharing it?

4) Will the fruit turn brown before you can get it home?

5) Is sharing food with your boss the key to your next raise?

6) Are only a few items included in the edible fruit bouquet your favorite snacks and treats?

7)  Are you concerned about coworkers who have the flu contaminating your edible fruit basket?

8) Do you lack a private hiding spot to conceal your edible fruit bouquet so you don’t feel obligated to make an office offering?

If you answered is “yes” to four or more questions, then you must share your edible fruit basket with your coworkers. However, it’s completely acceptable for you to remove your favorite elements of your edible fruit bouquet, leaving the remaining pieces for everyone else.

Office politics loophole: If your workplace has a strict band on employees eating at their task, it’s unnecessary to share. 

Edible Fruit Company – Contingencies

Certain edible fruit baskets are meant for sharing than others. Like take, Edible Arrangements fruit bouquets, these edible fruit basket have a short lifecycle. Since the fruit is carved in flower shapes, these edible fruit bouquet should be consumed within 48-hours or less, (particularly before the fruit starts to turn brown from oxidation).

With an edible fruit bouquet from Cherry Moon Farms, or Harry and David, sharing is optional. Since, the fruit arrives in full pieces, this has an enduring lifecycle that doesn’t require sharing with coworkers. Unless of course, you don’t really like fruit…