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When Edible Fruit Baskets Serve the Party

What do Christmas, birthdays and Labor Day share in common? Each commemorates a significant day, where gatherings and celebrations are often the norm.  Comparable cake, edible fruit baskets has become a frequent member of the merrymaking menu. Edible Fruit compiled a few entertaining ideas  with edible fruit baskets, suitable for virtually any occasion.

 When fruit is carved to resemble a floral arrangement, the presentation outdistances a fruit platter. With more individuals on special diets and watching the waist line,  edible fruit baskets embody a great substitution for cake and pie. Instead, pair the edible fruit bouquet with cookies.

Serving recommendation: Edible fruit baskets created by Edible Arrangements and Fruit Flower should be kept in the refrigerator until a few minutes before the celebration begins.

A classic, which never goes out of style, is edible fruit baskets filled with whole pieces of fruit. Vivid, exuding hues of green, orange, red and yellow depending on the edible fruit basket’s contents, some edible fruit companies offer organic fruit bouquets. (Select from pears,peaches, peaches, Anjou pears, bananas, kiwi and more).

Serving recommendation:  Compare prices for edible fruit baskets with cookies, nuts and other snacks. Cherry Moon Farms shows edible fruit baskets offered with Mrs. chocolate chip cookies.

For the pear lover, Harry & David’s edible fruit baskets have organic Royal Riviera pears, and Oregold peaches in various quantities. Cherry Moon Farms showcases a mélange of organic edible fruit bouquets. Hinging on the season, organic selections range from peaches, apples, Anjou pears and pears, kiwi, and other fruits.

Edible fruit baskets ordering tip: When ordering online, try to order at least five days in advance to save on delivery charges as well as any unforeseen shipment errors. For the best edible fruit bouquet, select arrangements with the fruit of the season. 


Profile of a Real Edible Fruit Basket

Not every fruit lover appreciates an edible fruit basket whereby the fruit resembles a bouquet of flowers. Some organic purists prefer the fruitful gift basket with fresh picked offerings. When Edible Fruit went searching for awe-inspiring edible fruit basket, we found “Cherry Farm’s Wholesome Goodness Item, #Web 277” to provide all the physical, fresh and tasteful features of a luscious edible bouquet.

Edible fruit basket contents: Cherry Farm’s edible fruit bouquet, “ Wholesome Goodness” lives up to its moniker. Apples, pears and bananas arrive ripe for consumption.

Occasion: Be it a house warming gift, professional relationship or even Aunt Sally, this edible fruit bouquet is scalable for any occasion:

  • House warming gift
  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Get Well
  • Congratulations 
  • Other holiday/special occasions 

Additional features: Amid the fruit bouquet ingredients, a kalanachoe plant potted in a weave is already in bloom.

What is a kalanchoe A kalanchoe is a tropical plant, native to Africa. These flowers are generally pink, crimson and white with shiny leaves, growing up to five inches or even more.

Height: Although the fruit bouquet includes three different sizes, the approximate height is 16″ (W) x 14″ (H)

Cost:   Starting at $64.99 to $84.99, gift buyers have three sizes to choose from: regular, deluxe and premium.

Delivery: To ensure expedient delivery, Cherry Farms is comprised of a network of local florists, who are committed to providing the freshest locally grown fruit. Based on the recipient’s time zone, the fruit bouquet provides same day delivery for orders placed by 3 PM.

Personalization: To personalize the gift, senders have 175 characters to add a short note.

Additional features: Add an extra touch, four additional options come with the basket: latex balloons, teddy bear, chocolates or Mylar balloons. (All are based on quantity and or size).

As for an edible fruit basket with handpicked fruit and an eye-popping arrangement, Cherry Moon Farm’s Wholesome Goodness delivers.