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Labor Day Recipes for Fruit Centerpieces Fresh Fruit Desserts

Labor Day 2013 marks the final summer celebration in the United States. For an outdoor party, two easy Labor Day recipes, involving a fresh fruit centerpiece and favorite baked goods make for easy and fulfilling fresh fruit desserts.

Labor Day Recipe – Homemade Fruit Centerpiece
What’s needed for this Labor Day Recipe?
Fresh fruit selection (pineapple, cantaloupe, peaches, strawberries)
optional Blueberries
Large Decorative bowl
3-skewers (12-inches in length)
3- flower stems (rose, daisy, tiger lily)
1 glass (6-8-inches)
Serving utensils

Among simple Labor Day recipes, the fruit centerpiece is the

fruit centerpieces

Fruit centerpieces make for simple entertaining ideas, especially in Labor Day recipes.

How to Make Mouthwatering Edible Fruit Designs

Not all edible fruit designs resemble a bouquet of flowers. When it comes to making a delectable fresh fruit basket, do it- yourselfers have two levels for making edible fruit design. There’s a simple and an intermediate approach.

Starting with the easiest method to make a beautiful edible fruit design, there are three paramount steps in this how to make a fresh fruit bouquet recipe.

Meticulous fruit selection. Fruit selection tops the list of importance. Pick fruit on the verge of ripeness. The fruit should feel firm to the touch and yield a hint of the fruit’s aroma. Also, note that the tastiest fruit is blemish free, shows no indications of spoilage or insect damage.

Needed items to make the edible fruit designs:

  • Fruit
  • Large knife
  • Short knife
  • A peeler (depending on the fruit)
  • Cutting board
  • 1/2 cup of lemon juice, ascorbic acid or sugar syrup
  • A packet of wooden spears
  • Cookie cutter shapes
  • Florist foam
  • A basket or platter
  • Optional (fresh or faux flower)
edible fruit design

How to make edible fruit designs for beginners and intermediate.

Easy Edible Fruit Designs

The easiest approach to make appealing edible fruit designs. entails, cutting, the fruit in shapes to resemble a flower,star. For pineapples, cantaloupe and melon, use a cookie cutter in different shapes to fashion the edible fruit designs into the theme.

Prevent oxidation. Keeping the contents of the fresh fruit bouquet free oxidation is another key point to creating mouthwatering edible fruit designs. Apples, bananas, pears and a few other fruits are predisposed to oxidation. To prevent the browning effect, choose ascorbic acid, sugar syrup and lemon juice. Each element slows oxidative browning.

Prior to assembling edible fruit designs give the carved fruit a quick bath in the aforementioned oxidative elements.

Next, take a platter and arrange the edible fruit designs into an artistic presentation. Remember to cover and refrigerate until time to serve. (Optional fresh fruit flower)

Intermediate Edible Fruit Designs

Spearing fruit to create enticing edible fruit designs is harder than it looks. Because certain fresh fruits are prone to tear, gently work the pieces onto the wooden spears.

Next, set the florist foam into the basket. Then, arrange spears of fresh fruit in the florist foam.

Cover with cellophane and keep refrigerated until giving or serving.

Preparation time for the edible fruit designs varies from 40 minutes to an hour.


Milk + Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Recipe

In observance of National Strawberry Month, we’re providing the basic preparation instructions for chocolate dipped strawberries and providing a dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe and one for milk chocolate. Note that the traditional approach to making any type of chocolate covering for fruit generally calls for the use of a double boiler. In this milk and dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe, we’re suggesting a saucepan for simplicity.

How to pick the best carton of strawberries.
Look for firm red strawberries. Look around the box to make sure none of the strawberries are squishy or blemished.

The type of chocolate that you use to drizzle the strawberries makes all the difference in the world. Chocolate dipping for fresh strawberries has two different recipes. Let’s say that the recipient prefers milk chocolate, in which case semi-sweet milk chocolate chips may be the best option. To ensure the the milk chocolate adheres to the strawberry, butter is part of this dipped chocolate recipe.

Semi sweet chocolate dipped strawberries recipe
1/2-cup of semi sweet chocolate chips
2.5-tablespoons of butter
1-tablespoon of warm water
Pinch of cinnamon (optional)

For dark chocolate enthusiasts, the chocolate makes all the difference in the quality of the dipped fruit. For this version, the dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe calls for heavy cream.

Dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe
1-dozen strawberries
1/2-cup of dark chocolate chips
2-tablespoons of heavy cream
1-tablespoon of warm water

In a saucepan, mix the chocolate on a low heat and until the butter or heavy cream is evenly melded into the chocolate. (Do not bring chocolate to a boil). Once the chocolate has a shiny appearance, holding a strawberry at the stem, slowly swirl it around the pool of warmed dipping, and gingerly dunk the strawberries into the specified chocolate dipping recipe.

Then to avoid a messy clean-up, place a ladle under the milk or dark chocolate dipped strawberry — until it reaches the cookie sheet.

Place strawberries one inch apart on a cookie sheet. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then, transfer to the refrigerator.

To maintain the utmost freshness of this milk and dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe, keep refrigerated until serving or gifting.

Bucking Fruit Bouquet Delivery Costs

Fruit bouquet delivery costs add anywhere between $10 to $20 dollars to any edible fruit gift. But for the savvy shopper, there are a few companies and tactics to offset those additional surcharges. Between the most recognized purveyors of edible fruit gifts, use these tips to save on your next order.

Edible Arrangements
With more than 1000 brick and mortar locations across the globe, some Edible Arrangements customers have the ability to

Consumer Information: Edible Gift Basket Ideas for Mother’s Day

What does a son buy for the mother who seemingly has it all? What does one send to the mom who has a voracious appetite for chocolate and fruit? What edible gift basket satisfies the mom with discerning taste? From how to make a Mother’s Day basket to the best edible gifts online, we’ve compiled all one needs to know about sending Mom a Mother’s Day Gift basket this year.

How to Make a Mother’s Day Basket

As you know, there are two approaches to making a Mother’s Day Basket, carved fruit and whole fruit. While the carved fruit basket is a show of creativity, the fruit generally has a short life. If you’d like the gift to last longer than a few days then you’ll want to consider a Mother’s Day basket that contains whole fruit. Consider the following tips on how to make a Mother’s Day basket the easy way:

edible gift basket

Edible gift baskets for Mother’s Day are in style every year

  • The container is the foundation of any memorable edible gift basket idea. So choose an