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Thanksgiving Dinner: Easy Recipes With the Fresh Fruit Bouquet

A party platter sized fresh fruit bouquet makes a spectacular centerpiece for the Thanksgiving Day Dinner, at least until it’s time to carve the turkey. Before the big meal, allow guests to snack on the fresh fruit platter. It shouldn’t ruin anyone’s appetite.

After dinner, instead of allowing the last skewers to go to waste, consider these easy Thanksgiving Day Dinner recipes with the fresh fruit bouquet remnants:

Fruit Bouquet Parfait Recipe

The remaining pieces of the fruit are ripe for an ice cream parfait.


  • Pieces of the fruit bouquet
  • Ice cream
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar (optional)
  • Whipped cream

Cut the remaining pieces of fresh fruit bouquet into smaller cubes, discarding any brown pieces. In a parfait glass, spoon in a heaping tablespoon of fruit. Next, top the fruit with a layer of ice cream, alternating layers of fruit and ice cream until the parfait glass is full. Finally add whipped cream on top.

Fresh Fruit Bouquet Smoothie Recipe

The remnants of the fruit bouquet are juicy and healthy in a smoothie.


  • Pieces of the fresh fruit bouquet
  • 1/4 cup of chopped ice (use 1/3 cup of chopped ice for every cup of fruit
  • ½ cup of vanilla ice cream

smoothieToss the remaining cubes of edible fruit into the blender. Add chopped ice and a spoon of vanilla ice cream. Then, press the puree button for 20 seconds. Change the blender’s setting to ‘whip’ for 30 seconds. Pour the edible fruit bouquet contents into several high ball glasses. Place a straw in the center of each glass and place in the freezer until ready to serve – 1- 2-hours. (Don’t allow the smoothie to freeze.)

Frozen Fresh Fruit Bouquet Cup

The same idea is applicable to creating frozen snacks for children. Instead of using a glass, divvy up the contents of the soon to be frozen, fresh fruit bouquet into several plastic cups. Then freeze for four hours and – ENJOY!

Thanksgiving Centerpieces to Be Grateful for

The turkey is not the only focal point on Thanksgiving. After the bird has been carved, sliced and picked over, something needs to stand in its place. Consider these Thanksgiving centerpiece ideas to create your own masterpiece.

Gracious Thanksgiving Day dinner guests love the bountiful fresh fruit bouquet, dubbed the “Festival of Thanks” at Edible Arrangements, this fruit bouquet doubles as a Thanksgiving centerpiece and as a contribution to the holiday dinner party. The $111 fruit bouquet consists of fresh cantaloupe, melon and dipped fruit arranged in an ornate Thanksgiving centerpiece.

Also, at Edible Arrangements, the fresh fruit basket, referred to as Thanksgiving #1 Centerpiece is on sale for $97. Unlike the  “Festival of Thanks” edible fruit bouquet, shown in a rectangular container, this one is standard oval container with fewer pieces of fruit.

Thanksgiving Day Centerpiece Idea: Illuminate the Thanksgiving centerpiece with candles. Be sure to leave enough space to avoid any conflagrant situation.

Thanksgiving centerpieces dieas

Photo Courtesy of Edible Arrangements, Thanksgiving Centerpieces.

As of the date of this blog post, out of the 45 products featured on Harry and David, dozen serve as appreciative Thanksgiving Day gifts. Among the extensive collection of edible fruit and food gift baskets,Harry and David’s newest fruit gift is actually a gourmet fruit tray.  The contents of this edible fruit gift include kiwi, dried fruit candied pineapple rings, tart cherries, Angelo plume and more. ($29.95)

Transform this elegant Thanksgiving Day into a centerpiece. Remove the aforementioned contents. Then, place on a cake rack with decorative items. And let your imagination fill in the blanks.

The Thanksgiving cookie bouquet is another new product available at Harry and David. The Thanksgiving Cookie bouquet doubles as a Thanksgiving centerpiece (as long as no ones eats the cookies).($39.95)

And in situations, where one is unable to attend the family Thanksgiving Day Dinner, Harry and David’s Table Rock Turkey Buffet Gift ($149.95) lets them know you’re there in heart, soul and belly.