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Consumer Beware of Fruit Basket Coupon Exclusions

Bargain shoppers and deal seekers access a treasure trove of discounted gift items online, selecting from  the favorite brands in edible fruit bouquets. Yet, many coupon codes and special promotions accompany many exclusions. While the fruit basket companies, Edible Arrangements’  and Harry David  present coupons with various priced savings, reviewing the fine print prevents any unsatisfying surprises. Refer to this consumer information to save on fruit basket buys.

Edible Gift Basket Company Leaves Unsavory Taste on 2-14-12

February 14th 2012 was not the romantic, blissful  day it was meant to be for all the consumers, who ordered an edible gift basket. An assortment of fruit basket reviews indicate that Valentine’s Day was tainted for some in Boston, Massachusetts.  According to the website: Edible-Arrangements.pissed, more than a dozen consumers were burned on Valentine’s Day 2012 when edible gift basket deliveries went unfulfilled.

It turns out that an Edible Arrangements franchise, serving customers in Milton and Boston

Fruit Basket Reviews Quell Fruit Gift Basket Mishaps

Fruit basket review sites illustrate why fruit gift basket orders often call for  a little  due diligence. Freshness is not always a guaranteed byproduct of the fruit bouquet.

A visit to and it becomes quite obvious that each month, a consumer is dissatisfied with the quality of the fresh fruit basket delivery. Bloomex, a Canadian fruit bouquet company, delivering fruit gift baskets to the U.S., U.K.and Australia shows several dissatified fruit basket review, pertaining to freshness at Complaints (Source:

But not all fruit basket review sites present complaints and negative feedback. At Fruit, shoppers in quest of savings, access coupon codes of the leading brand  in fruit gift baskets.