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Top Fresh Fruit Basket Franchises Seed Expansion

Internet traffic reports illustrate a 35 percent spike in the gift and online retailers, including fruit basket franchises. And among the leading contenders, fruit basket shops are cropping up throughout the U.S.  Edible Arrangements, Fruit and Provide Commerce sustain growth, online exposure and expansion.

Edible Arrangements
Fresh fruit basket franchise, Edible Arrangements is currently testing a new improved business model with its Edible to Go Franchises. The new Edible to Go locations will be launched in  Louisville, KY, Philadelphia, and Chandler Arizona. Expansion plans on the West Coast are in the works.

Edible Arrangements

Edible to Go locations are sprouting up in the US.

Edible Arrangements stands apart

Edible Fruit Companies Juice Other Resources

This week’s news on edible fruit covers three different stories of the consumer food business. As one edible fruit exporter and a family owned orchard brace to juice profitability with new marketing efforts, one edible fruit company focuses on a philanthropic cause.

Edible Fruit Exporter
For more than a decade, Citrusdal, South Africa has been exporting its finest clementines, navel and cara cara oranges to America. Supplying stores such as Whole Foods, Costco, and Walmart to name a few, each export undergoes a 24-hour quarantine in a cold treatment to thwart any traces of the false codling moth.

The export time of year runs from now through October. This season King Citrus, a mascot of the the South Africa export, will be touring retailers around the U.S.

Edible Fruit Producer / Orchard
The R.W. Knudsen Family orchard has created an interactive orchard for customers to visit online. Quizzing visitors on the weight used to produce one bottle of its Just Black Cherry juice, the company’s intelligent marketing strategy makes it clear that 2.5 pounds of cherries creates one bottle of the juice.

The Orchard tour also explains how its bottled juices are void of preservatives, sugar and other additives. RW. Knudsen produces its juice through a pressing technique that captures each cherry’s tart and sour flavor. The fresh fruit juice company uses a similar process to manufacture its extensive line of other popular fruit juices, such as its “Organic Just cranberry,” Just Blueberry Juice, and Organic Just Tart Cherry.

A representative of the

Some Fruit Bouquet Companies Quench Consumers Thirst

Every five or so years, entrepreneurs seem to develop adaptable, but lovable  franchise business models. As edible gift baskets continue to boast solid revenues, smoothies and frozen yogurts have been quietly growing popularity in communities across America and among new franchise owners.

Red Mango, a  national self serve frozen yogurt franchise recently announced that it plans to roll out  a distinctive line of lifestyle focused smoothies. Consisting of 22 brand new flavors, the company has

Pinpointing Edible Arrangements’ Edible Fruit Locations

When most consumers conduct a Google search on “edible fruit locations,” the query is for Edible Arrangements. With more than 1000 different brick and mortar stores across many continents,  the fruit bouquet company maintains addresses spanning  cities, states  and countries across the globe.

Established in 1999, Edible Arrangements started as one store in  East Haven Connecticut. Within a year, founder, Tariq Farid transformed the single store into a franchise empire. Edible fruit locations began to pop up throughout the U.S..

  • Where are the international edible fruit locations of Edible Arrangements?

On the international front, Edible Arrangements has edible fruit locations in  the following countries:

Fruit Bouquet Company Ripe for West Expansion in US

Despite waning consumer sentiment and a looming national tax credit, the greatest name in fruit bouquets, Edible Arrangements is rolling out an ambitious “westward expansion” plan. With nutritional analysts announcing that fruit is America’s most popular snack food, the behemoth fruit bouquet company has plans to open more brick and mortar Edible Arrangements.

Today, Edible Arrangements dominates the fresh fruit basket gift segment. With some 1100 global stores, currently, no other company has carved a niche in fresh fruit baskets. And when Edible Arrangements surfaces on the West Coast, it will not have much competition. Today, six new stores are slated to open in the following cities and states: El Cajon, CA, Bismarck, ND, Sparks, NV, Monterey, CA, Farmington , UT, and Sacramento, CA.

Edible Arrangements has eight brand new fruit bouquets. There’s ‘Cheer me up Bouquet'(™), ‘Congratulations Bouquet’, ‘Love Bouquet’, ‘Thank You Get Well Bouquet’, ‘Confetti Berries Semisweet Chocolate Box’, and another new fruit bouquet called ‘Just Because Bouquet Dipped Strawberries’. All the new chocolate dipped fruit gifts start at $39

Throughout the years, Edible Arrangements has managed to remain one step ahead of the competition. Two years ago, it recognized a niche in wedding desserts, easing some of the planning and diet restrictions at bridal showers, engagement parties and wedding receptions.

Fulfilling corporate gift orders, Edible Arrangements even has a “corporate gift concierge.”

Over the past five years, the company partnered with NASCAR. The NASCAR victory celebration arrangements are collector’s item, starting at $85.

In 2012, the fruit bouquet company turned another milestone when it achieved 500,000 likes.

Perhaps with new store locations, the fruit bouquet company Edible Arrangements’ likable social media following will shadow its westward expansion.