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6-Answers about the Fruit Bouquet

Sweet, tart, juicy, memorable and visually appealing are just a few reasons that people love to give and receive a fresh fruit bouquet.  Whether it’s for a birthday gift idea, congratulations or a housewarming gift, fruit bouquets are a welcoming present for almost any occasion. We’ve compiled several questions and answers about the understated fruit bouquet:

How many calories are in the average fruit bouquet?

Since, all fruit bouquets are created using different types of fruits in a variety of sizes, edible bouquets do not have an average caloric value.

What is the recipe for a fresh fruit bouquet?

Although grapes, strawberries, apples, cantaloupes, honeydew melon and oranges are the usual elements of a fruit bouquet, there is not an exact recipe for creating a fruit bouquet.  Creativity and personal preference are definitely in play.

Which online gift store is known for creating fresh fruit bouquets?

The Internet is a treasure trove of gift stores, many of which sell fruit bouquets. However, when it comes to creating a fresh fruit bouquet, Edible Arrangements™ is one company known for and trusted in selling and delivering fresh fruit gifts all over the globe.  We suggest finding a local option as this will typically get you the freshest bouquet possible.

Fruit Arrangements

Are fruit bouquets made of organic fruit?

Not all fruit bouquets are made of organic fruit.  While some fresh fruit bouquets contain organic pieces of fruit, it depends on the retailer. At Harry and David’s, the pears used to create the fruit baskets are organically grown at the company’s Riviera orchard.

Are fruit bouquets high in fructose?


As for giving a birthday present or housewarming gift, is it better to create a homemade fresh fruit bouquet or buy one?

The fruit bouquet is a highly appreciated gift, regardless if it’s a diy project or purchased online, fresh fruit bouquets are endearing whatever the occasion.

Consumer Tips: Buying a Fruit Bouquet

Whether you are buying a fruit bouquet as a house warming gift, a birthday present or whatever the special occasion might be, consider the recipient’s fruit preferences, your budget and the necessary delivery time for buying and selecting a fruit bouquet gift.

Start with a budget in mind. Most edible fruit bouquets start at $20 and can cost as much as $200. These more expensive fruit gifts are typically large sized fruit bouquets ideal for parties and other celebrations.

Next, consider the recipient’s eating habits, for example, do they enjoy eating fruit?  Prior to giving a fruit bouquet, make sure that the person does not suffer from food restrictions such as allergic reactions to citrus fruits or digestive issues such as diverticulitis which may have some people avoiding seedy foods.  In situations where food restrictions are in play simply search for and select fruit bouquets based on which items are included in the arrangement so you can avoid these food issues.

Fruit ArrangementsIf the recipient is on a weight loss diet, a fresh fruit bouquet is an appropriate edible alternative to sweets such as chocolate.  Ideal for the dieter or nutritious conscious, Edible Arrangements® has a reputation for creating magnificent fruit bouquets crafted from fresh fruit and provide more nutritional sustenance than some of the other fruit bouquet companies.

Also, remember some people prefer the taste of dried fruit over freshly picked goods. Harry and David, a fruit bouquet purveyor, vends edible fruit baskets made of organic pears, handpicked from the company’s Riviera Pear Orchard.  Unlike other companies, where fruit bouquets are made of the freshest fruit of the day, the pear is the only fresh fruit in Harry and David’s gift baskets. Other goodies include dried fruit, nuts and candy.

Edible Arrangements usually delivers a fruit bouquet within 48-hours. However, Harry and David’s delivery has a sliding scale of shipment options. For those who live or work in close proximity to an Edible Arrangements location, delivery is free when you place your order by phone and pick it up at the store.  Contact other vendors directly for their shipping and delivery policies.

Edible Fruit Company Dubs Many Monikers

What do, and have in common? Aside from being websites selling fresh fruit gifts, the URL addresses belong to the same edible fruit company. Among the most beloved fruit bouquet companies, one entity maintains a growing list of alias URL addresses. And while the edible fruit company is not trying to mislead its loyal following, it appears that the company is protective of anyone buying a domain that refers to any of its offerings.
Edible happens to be the most popular fruit basket company’s The flagship website.

Edible Arrangements edible fruit company

Edible fruit company, Edible Arrangements
owns kiosks across the globe and numerous URL addresses. is one of the website properties owned by EA. When visitors access the site, the web page appears to be linked to Edible Arrangement’s home page as a campaign redirect. Nevertheless, “edible” is also the edible fruit company’s handle on Twitter.

For several years now, Edible Arrangements’ wedding

Fruit Bouquet Company Ripe for West Expansion in US

Despite waning consumer sentiment and a looming national tax credit, the greatest name in fruit bouquets, Edible Arrangements is rolling out an ambitious “westward expansion” plan. With nutritional analysts announcing that fruit is America’s most popular snack food, the behemoth fruit bouquet company has plans to open more brick and mortar Edible Arrangements.

Today, Edible Arrangements dominates the fresh fruit basket gift segment. With some 1100 global stores, currently, no other company has carved a niche in fresh fruit baskets. And when Edible Arrangements surfaces on the West Coast, it will not have much competition. Today, six new stores are slated to open in the following cities and states: El Cajon, CA, Bismarck, ND, Sparks, NV, Monterey, CA, Farmington , UT, and Sacramento, CA.

Edible Arrangements has eight brand new fruit bouquets. There’s ‘Cheer me up Bouquet'(™), ‘Congratulations Bouquet’, ‘Love Bouquet’, ‘Thank You Get Well Bouquet’, ‘Confetti Berries Semisweet Chocolate Box’, and another new fruit bouquet called ‘Just Because Bouquet Dipped Strawberries’. All the new chocolate dipped fruit gifts start at $39

Throughout the years, Edible Arrangements has managed to remain one step ahead of the competition. Two years ago, it recognized a niche in wedding desserts, easing some of the planning and diet restrictions at bridal showers, engagement parties and wedding receptions.

Fulfilling corporate gift orders, Edible Arrangements even has a “corporate gift concierge.”

Over the past five years, the company partnered with NASCAR. The NASCAR victory celebration arrangements are collector’s item, starting at $85.

In 2012, the fruit bouquet company turned another milestone when it achieved 500,000 likes.

Perhaps with new store locations, the fruit bouquet company Edible Arrangements’ likable social media following will shadow its westward expansion.

Fruit Basket Company Shows Budding Profits for 2012

What does a fruit basket  company earn when it melds a proven business model and a relished brand backed by consumer amicable offerings? The fruit bouquet company, Edible Arrangements measures sales results base on growth, profits and brand awareness in 2012.

Edible Arrangements, the pioneer of fruit basket company franchising is already illustrating the indications of a fruitful year.  Across many media channels and financial reports, Edible Arrangements  has managed to minimize closures while keeping franchises in business.

The business magazine, Forbes ranked Edible Arrangements among the ‘Top 20 Franchises for the Buck.’ Forbes based the ranking on various metrics, including: closure rate over the last three years, domestic growth, average initial investment, locations. The criteria evaluated some 110 different franchises.