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Chocolate Dipped Fruit Recipe

Whether you’re going to a holiday celebration or are in the mood for homemade chocolate dipped fruit. The taste of a chocolate hard shell enveloping a piece of ripe fruit tickles the palate with hints of sweet and juicy pleasures. But making chocolate dipped fruit tends to be a little tricky.  From selection to its preparation, this recipe explains how to make chocolate dipped fruit:

Chocolate Dipped Fruit Passion Recipe

The key to creating juicy, mouthwatering chocolate dipped fruit is in the fruit and chocolate selection. Start with premium dark or milk chocolate chips or chocolate bar and handpicked ripe, scar-free, fresh fruit.

The tastiest chocolate dipped fruit choices are strawberries, cherries, and pineapples.


  • 12 pieces of fresh fruit (strawberries, cherries and/or pineapples)
  • One-12 oz dark or milk chocolate bar


  • Aluminum foil
  • Fork
  • Bowl
  • Toothpicks (optional)

chocolate covered strawberry1) Fruit preparation will depend on the fruit you select. Slice pineapple pieces in half-inch pieces. Clean strawberries and cherries and place in the freezer for ten minutes.

2) While the fruit is chilling, cover a platter in aluminum foil.

3) Next, chop the first 4 ounces of the chocolate bar and place in a microwaveable bowl and cover. Heat the chocolate at 40 second intervals to mix and reheat until it is completely smooth.

4) Remove four pieces of fruit from the freezer and dip each piece in chocolate, transferring it to the platter and then finally returning the chocolate dipped fruit to the freezer to chill for 12 to 15 minutes.

If the bowl of chocolate thickens, return it to the microwave for a few seconds.

5) Repeat, using batches of 4 ounces of chocolate until all the fruit is covered and placed in the freezer.

6) After 15 minutes, move the chocolate dipped fruit to the refrigerator. To prevent the chocolate from melting and becoming gooey, remove from the refrigerator just 30 minutes before serving.

Ghirardelli Chocolate is one of the recommended brands for this chocolate hand dipped recipe.

To prepare healthy chocolate dipped fruit with fewer calories and the highest antioxidants, use dark chocolate with a minimum of 53 percent cacao.

10-Nat’l Days in December Focus on Christmas + Chocolate

In addition to December being the month to recognize the beloved pear (National Pear Month), according to the research and marketing department of online greeting company,, Christmas is among 10 other national days in December that compliment one of the biggest holidays of the season.

Here’s an overview of these known and unknown days:

December 4 Santa’s List is supposedly the time before Christmas that naughty children have a chance to redeem themselves by doing good deeds or extra chores to get on Santa’s good list.

Two days later, December 6 is St. Nicholas Day, the one time priest, bishop and saint who was known for hanging stockings full of goodies.

December 9 is a good target date to send out holiday greetings, as it happens to be Christmas Card Day. Legend has it that the first commercial greeting card was born in 1843 by innovator, Sir Henry Cole.

Nonetheless, it’s completely acceptable to send a holiday fruit basket with a simple greeting.

Poinsettia Day honors the death of Joel Roberts Poinsett, who passed away On December 12 1851.  As the first diplomatic minister to Mexico, Mr. Roberts also exported Poinsettias which were named after him.

Milk + Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Recipe

In observance of National Strawberry Month, we’re providing the basic preparation instructions for chocolate dipped strawberries and providing a dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe and one for milk chocolate. Note that the traditional approach to making any type of chocolate covering for fruit generally calls for the use of a double boiler. In this milk and dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe, we’re suggesting a saucepan for simplicity.

How to pick the best carton of strawberries.
Look for firm red strawberries. Look around the box to make sure none of the strawberries are squishy or blemished.

The type of chocolate that you use to drizzle the strawberries makes all the difference in the world. Chocolate dipping for fresh strawberries has two different recipes. Let’s say that the recipient prefers milk chocolate, in which case semi-sweet milk chocolate chips may be the best option. To ensure the the milk chocolate adheres to the strawberry, butter is part of this dipped chocolate recipe.

Semi sweet chocolate dipped strawberries recipe
1/2-cup of semi sweet chocolate chips
2.5-tablespoons of butter
1-tablespoon of warm water
Pinch of cinnamon (optional)

For dark chocolate enthusiasts, the chocolate makes all the difference in the quality of the dipped fruit. For this version, the dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe calls for heavy cream.

Dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe
1-dozen strawberries
1/2-cup of dark chocolate chips
2-tablespoons of heavy cream
1-tablespoon of warm water

In a saucepan, mix the chocolate on a low heat and until the butter or heavy cream is evenly melded into the chocolate. (Do not bring chocolate to a boil). Once the chocolate has a shiny appearance, holding a strawberry at the stem, slowly swirl it around the pool of warmed dipping, and gingerly dunk the strawberries into the specified chocolate dipping recipe.

Then to avoid a messy clean-up, place a ladle under the milk or dark chocolate dipped strawberry — until it reaches the cookie sheet.

Place strawberries one inch apart on a cookie sheet. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then, transfer to the refrigerator.

To maintain the utmost freshness of this milk and dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe, keep refrigerated until serving or gifting.

Valentine’s Day: Sexy Facts About Chocolate Dipped Fruit

Ever ponder why chocolate dipped strawberries are such a popular Valentine’s Day gift? Indeed, there is something sensuous about a smooth, shell of milk or dark chocolate, shroud of strawberries.

Wonder why it’s a good idea to send some form of chocolate on Valentine’s Day (February 14th, 2013)?

It has to do with love.

Indulge in these juicy, but sexy facts, about chocolate dipped fruit and giving it on Valentine’s Day (VD).

Is chocolate really an aphrodisiac?

Whether it’s white, milk or dark, be sure to send some form of chocolate dipped fruit on Valentine’s Day to the one you love and want to be loved by. Scientific research shows that chocolate is not necessarily the aphrodisiac, it has been misconstrued to be.

In fact, the misunderstood chocolate creates a feeling of love. As it turns out, chocolate is loaded with a chemical, referred to as phenylethylamine (PEA).  PEA has the potential to release hormones which create a feeling of euphoria. However, this feeling, when it occurs, is very short lived.  Researchers still work to find the link between sex drive and chocolate.

Strawberry Chocolate Dipped Fruit Imparts Nutrition

Among the chocolate dipped fruits, commonly found in the edible fruit bouquet, the strawberry’s nutritional qualities often go unnoticed. Perhaps, it has to do with its covering. Once shrouded in an extra thick coating of chocolate, particularly with at least 65 percent dark cacao, this dipped fruit immediately becomes a trophy of nutrition. Here’s how and why the strawberry with or without being chocolate dipped is intensely nutritious.

While the editors of are not recommending that anyone use a chocolate dipped strawberry as a facial cream, a study–which will be detailed later in this article suggests beneficial.

A ripe strawberry is red from the inside out, yet exudes firm qualities.  The most popular member of the chocolate dipped fruit basket is