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Edible Fruit Spotlight: Bartlett Pears

Bartlett pears surfaced on the fruit scene in 1765 when it was originally discovered in London.

edible fruit Bartlett Pear

Edible fruit, Bartlett pears garner a compelling history and rich, nutritional qualities, celebrating National Pear Month in December.


Aliases + AKAs
Originally cultivated in England, where the pears were first known as the Stair pear, it was not long before the pear was renamed Williams pear. And unbeknownst to Mr. Enoch Bartlett, who acquired property in Sudbury Massachusetts, where the  pear trees were growing, the new property owner named the pears after his sir name, Bartlett.

Bartlett pears range in height from 2.5 to 3.5 inches tall.

Body style
True pyriform pear shape characterizes the yellow bartlett and the red bartlett. (Both varietals have short necks).

Best feature
Nutritionally rich, a Bartlett pear touts

National Month of January Doesn’t Yield Any Edible Fruit

What do your eyes, oatmeal, blood donations, soup and health share in common? Each deems January as the national month to focus on these topics, improving awareness. And in most cases, fresh edible fruit plays a moderate to non-existent role.

January is National Health Month. With many Americans launching new well being programs as a 2014 resolution, January is an apt month to observe ones health.

Edible fruit fact: Blueberries, blackberries and oranges contain rich sources of nutrients. In particular, these fresh edible fruits are known for antioxidants, which are supposed to aid in warding off chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, cancer).

edible fruit

Blueberry is edible fruit known for its nutritional powers

The first month of the year also observes

Why You’re Better Off Shopping at a Fruit Bouquet Store

Edible Arrangements

Fruit bouquet brands: Edible Arrangements and Harry + David locations are easing holiday fruit basket shopping with locations across the US. (Photo: Courtesy Edible

Holiday Fruit Basket Shopping Secrets

Last year when fruit bouquet leader, Edible Arrangements launched its rebranded Edible to Go trademark, the concept was to capture high traffic shopping areas. But, the concept of fast service kiosks and stores in densely populated shopping centers proves positive for growing consumer loyalty. And for customers, shopping for holiday gift baskets, there’s plenty of evidence that shopping at a fruit bouquet store is better than the online experience.

Here’s why.

Quality Control
The peak holiday season poses many holes in quality assurance. By placing orders online and picking up fruit bouquets