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5-Ways to Ditch a Holiday Fruit Basket, Graciously

Whether one refers to it as a grab bag, white elephant or simply a holiday fruit basket delivery, some people lack  an organic appreciation for these Hanukah and Christmas presents.  As these holiday fruit baskets are typically more than $40 to  order, giving away a holiday fruit basket calls for a little finesse. Use these crafty tactics to giveaway a holiday fruit basket, graciously.

(*The following holiday fruit basket giveaway strategy works for baskets, comprised of full pieces of fruit, only. Not recommended for FruitFlowers®  bouquets or Edible Arrangements.)

The barter
At the work holiday party, shortly after everyone has unwrapped his or her  grab bag gift, find someone to exchange the holiday gift basket.

holiday gift basket

Consumer information: on selecting getting rid of a holiday gift basket
the best edible fruit baskets.

Arrive at work early enough to