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Edible Fruit + Other Fresh Fruit News Report

Read the latest headlines in edible fruit, edible fruit company information and the latest consumer reports.

Fruit Exploitation Film?
To some the movie, titled “The Fruit Hunters” is nothing but a raunchy fruit flick. With extreme close ups of tropical and exotic fruit, displayed in compromising positions, the documentary was produced across several continents. The graphic nature of the film,  which does not even have a movie rating, ranges from fruit paintings in an Italian monastery to a quest for rare mangoes in the jungle. Filmmaker Yung Chang released “Fruit Hunters”  in Miami, earlier this month, reported  sources at  Tropical Fruit News.

Most Beloved Edible Fruit
Even as bananas remain the number one favorite edible fruit in the U.S., according to the Packer, “Everything Produce“, apples continue to dominate second place in the produce department.  The Packer’s research also indicated that families with children were more apt to buy apples than households without.

edible fruits

Edible fruits: Bananas and peaches set in a compromising position.

Edible Fruit Company Sprouts On-the-Go Offerings
Earlier this month, Edible Arrangements announced that it will be

Edible Fruit: 10-Facts on the Cherry

From Washington DC, nutritional value to expressions using the term: “cherry” and “cherries” , chew on these interesting facts on cherries.


  • In 1906 Dr. David Fairchild, plant explorer and and official of the U.S. Department of Agriculture imported 75 flower cherry tree and and 25 sing flowered  from a nursery in Japan. After a recommendation and influence of  First  Lady Helen Taft, Dr. Fairchild had cherry trees planted along avenues in Washington D.C..
  • The legend that the first US president, George Washington cut down his father’s cherry tree fails to mention that the incident happened when he was 6-years old.
  • Cherries grow on hardy deciduous trees that do not require lots of water.


  • Numerous sweet cherry varieties grow in the Pacific Northwest. These are the Bing, Cashmere ™, Chelan, Lapins, Rainier Skeena, Sweetheart Tieton™. Other cherry varieties grow throughout North America, including: Anderson, Benton, Black York Kristin, Nugent. Glacier, Hudson, Regina Selah and White Gold.
  • The Tieton cherry’s season commences one week before the Bing Cherry (from early June through July). These mega-sized cherries taste moderately sweet.

    edible fruits cherry

    The idiom, “Life is a bowl of cherries,” was the title of a song composed during the Great Depression: by Lew Brown and Ray Henderson.

  • As North America’s premier sweet cherry, Bing sets the standard of comparison. A ripe Bing Cherry exudes firm crimson-red flesh. Intensely sweet, the edible fruit’s prime season runs from mid June through early August.
  • Tart cherry varieties include

Edible Fruit Companies Juice Other Resources

This week’s news on edible fruit covers three different stories of the consumer food business. As one edible fruit exporter and a family owned orchard brace to juice profitability with new marketing efforts, one edible fruit company focuses on a philanthropic cause.

Edible Fruit Exporter
For more than a decade, Citrusdal, South Africa has been exporting its finest clementines, navel and cara cara oranges to America. Supplying stores such as Whole Foods, Costco, and Walmart to name a few, each export undergoes a 24-hour quarantine in a cold treatment to thwart any traces of the false codling moth.

The export time of year runs from now through October. This season King Citrus, a mascot of the the South Africa export, will be touring retailers around the U.S.

Edible Fruit Producer / Orchard
The R.W. Knudsen Family orchard has created an interactive orchard for customers to visit online. Quizzing visitors on the weight used to produce one bottle of its Just Black Cherry juice, the company’s intelligent marketing strategy makes it clear that 2.5 pounds of cherries creates one bottle of the juice.

The Orchard tour also explains how its bottled juices are void of preservatives, sugar and other additives. RW. Knudsen produces its juice through a pressing technique that captures each cherry’s tart and sour flavor. The fresh fruit juice company uses a similar process to manufacture its extensive line of other popular fruit juices, such as its “Organic Just cranberry,” Just Blueberry Juice, and Organic Just Tart Cherry.

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