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Fruit Bouquet Company Ripe for West Expansion in US

Despite waning consumer sentiment and a looming national tax credit, the greatest name in fruit bouquets, Edible Arrangements is rolling out an ambitious “westward expansion” plan. With nutritional analysts announcing that fruit is America’s most popular snack food, the behemoth fruit bouquet company has plans to open more brick and mortar Edible Arrangements.

Today, Edible Arrangements dominates the fresh fruit basket gift segment. With some 1100 global stores, currently, no other company has carved a niche in fresh fruit baskets. And when Edible Arrangements surfaces on the West Coast, it will not have much competition. Today, six new stores are slated to open in the following cities and states: El Cajon, CA, Bismarck, ND, Sparks, NV, Monterey, CA, Farmington , UT, and Sacramento, CA.

Edible Arrangements has eight brand new fruit bouquets. There’s ‘Cheer me up Bouquet'(™), ‘Congratulations Bouquet’, ‘Love Bouquet’, ‘Thank You Get Well Bouquet’, ‘Confetti Berries Semisweet Chocolate Box’, and another new fruit bouquet called ‘Just Because Bouquet Dipped Strawberries’. All the new chocolate dipped fruit gifts start at $39

Throughout the years, Edible Arrangements has managed to remain one step ahead of the competition. Two years ago, it recognized a niche in wedding desserts, easing some of the planning and diet restrictions at bridal showers, engagement parties and wedding receptions.

Fulfilling corporate gift orders, Edible Arrangements even has a “corporate gift concierge.”

Over the past five years, the company partnered with NASCAR. The NASCAR victory celebration arrangements are collector’s item, starting at $85.

In 2012, the fruit bouquet company turned another milestone when it achieved 500,000 likes.

Perhaps with new store locations, the fruit bouquet company Edible Arrangements’ likable social media following will shadow its westward expansion.

Milk + Dark Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Recipe

In observance of National Strawberry Month, we’re providing the basic preparation instructions for chocolate dipped strawberries and providing a dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe and one for milk chocolate. Note that the traditional approach to making any type of chocolate covering for fruit generally calls for the use of a double boiler. In this milk and dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe, we’re suggesting a saucepan for simplicity.

How to pick the best carton of strawberries.
Look for firm red strawberries. Look around the box to make sure none of the strawberries are squishy or blemished.

The type of chocolate that you use to drizzle the strawberries makes all the difference in the world. Chocolate dipping for fresh strawberries has two different recipes. Let’s say that the recipient prefers milk chocolate, in which case semi-sweet milk chocolate chips may be the best option. To ensure the the milk chocolate adheres to the strawberry, butter is part of this dipped chocolate recipe.

Semi sweet chocolate dipped strawberries recipe
1/2-cup of semi sweet chocolate chips
2.5-tablespoons of butter
1-tablespoon of warm water
Pinch of cinnamon (optional)

For dark chocolate enthusiasts, the chocolate makes all the difference in the quality of the dipped fruit. For this version, the dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe calls for heavy cream.

Dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe
1-dozen strawberries
1/2-cup of dark chocolate chips
2-tablespoons of heavy cream
1-tablespoon of warm water

In a saucepan, mix the chocolate on a low heat and until the butter or heavy cream is evenly melded into the chocolate. (Do not bring chocolate to a boil). Once the chocolate has a shiny appearance, holding a strawberry at the stem, slowly swirl it around the pool of warmed dipping, and gingerly dunk the strawberries into the specified chocolate dipping recipe.

Then to avoid a messy clean-up, place a ladle under the milk or dark chocolate dipped strawberry — until it reaches the cookie sheet.

Place strawberries one inch apart on a cookie sheet. Place in the freezer for 10 minutes. Then, transfer to the refrigerator.

To maintain the utmost freshness of this milk and dark chocolate dipped strawberries recipe, keep refrigerated until serving or gifting.