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Gift Basket Franchise: Myths and Facts

What it Takes to Run a Fruit Bouquet Franchise?

Owning a gift basket franchise requires time, money and oodles of energy. When it comes to running a fruit bouquet business there are several misconceptions. From the initial investment, marketing to running the fruit bouquet company, so many myths, facts and conjecture surround this small business opportunity.

  • Myth or Fact:┬áThe capital needed to invest in a gift basket franchise requires less than a $75,000.

When Holiday Fruit Baskets Suffer from Abandonment

  • Why some holiday fruit baskets will go unaccounted for this holiday season?

Some watchdogs call it abandoned holiday gift basket syndrome. To others, a fruit basket left in the cold is nothing but neglect. Every holiday season, hundreds of edible gift baskets go unaccounted for. Left in doorways, at doorstops and other inappropriate places– some deem it an atrocious act of abuse. In an effort to prevent abandoned holiday fruit basket syndrome, certain

Fruit Bouquet Companies Ship Differing Delivery Terms

With the holiday season amongst, us, plenty of U.S. shoppers will be using the Internet to ship fruit bouquets. For the thoughtfully planned holiday arrangement to the last minute edible fruit basket delivery, consumers should understand the fruit bouquet delivery costs terms from the leading brand names.

Edible Arrangements
In general, the behemoth fruit bouquet company bifurcates its deliveries into two segments: local and out of the