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Comparing an Affiliate Program to Edible Arrangement’s Franchise

While an affiliate program and fruit bouquet franchise share the same objectives: to sell as many edible gift baskets as possible, the job responsibilities, profits and earnings are  unique. As far as business start-ups in the fruit bouquet marketplace, affiliate programs afford significantly much more flexibility than the edible fruit franchise model. A comparison of Edible Arrangement’s franchise opportunity to that of 1-800Flower’s Fruit illustrates two diametrically distinctive business models.

Secret to Sending a Fresh Fruit Bouquet

Buyers need not beware of ordering a fruit bouquet from the leading companies in the U.S. marketplace. For any cautious buyer, who has ever perused the complaints, the negative reviews can be enough to deter one from sending an edible fruit bouquet. By reviewing the most preferred brands in the segment, it’s quite clear how to send a fresh and juicy fruit bouquet.

Fresh fruit bouquet coupons and deals have terms.

As with any consumer good, sales items, coupons and discounts often accompany specific limitations. This true of Edible Arrangements’ coupons, which have expiration dates and are not redeemable with other special promotions. Also, note that certain fruit bouquets sold at Edible Arrangements, offered at a special price often require an in store pick up.

Photos are not always an exacting representation.

Fruit Basket Company Requires Confidentiality

As the gift industry continues to boom, confidentiality appears to be one approach for maintaining a competitive edge at the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company. With the U.S. novelty gift industry divided in three segments, the marketplace thrives. pocketing t  $17 billion dollar in revenue.

Novelty gifts, which include edible fruit baskets, account for 30 percent of the market share, followed by special occasions (12 percent) and   gift-ware  (vases, fruit bouquet containers) taking in 5 percent of the sector’s share.