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Fruit Bouquet: Recipe for an Easy Holiday Celebration

It shouldn’t take Valentine’s Day,  Sweetest Day nor his or her birthday, to send an edible gift bouquet.  Yet, this is when millions of Americans generally send these celebratory gifts. And, according the National Federation of Retailers (NRF) Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day earn top revenues in the online gift industry.  Aside from the most popular time to order an edible arrangement, there are three other national celebrations or observances to ease party planning  details. Since the fruit bouquet can transition from centerpiece, dessert to  a mixed libation, consider this consumer information  for planning a Labor Day, Halloween or Thanksgiving Day party.

Freshness Sets Fruit Bouquet Company Apart from its Contenders

In the fruit bouquet gift industry, as Edible Arrangements upholds a household name, one of its contenders touts freshness. Golden Edibles exudes a refined brand identity, showcasing quality fruit paired to Belgium chocolate and a freshness guarantee.

In an industry, whereby most fruit bouquet companies present an order it and we’ll deliver it wherever and to whomever, Golden Edibles

Strawberry Chocolate Dipped Fruit Imparts Nutrition

Among the chocolate dipped fruits, commonly found in the edible fruit bouquet, the strawberry’s nutritional qualities often go unnoticed. Perhaps, it has to do with its covering. Once shrouded in an extra thick coating of chocolate, particularly with at least 65 percent dark cacao, this dipped fruit immediately becomes a trophy of nutrition. Here’s how and why the strawberry with or without being chocolate dipped is intensely nutritious.

While the editors of are not recommending that anyone use a chocolate dipped strawberry as a facial cream, a study–which will be detailed later in this article suggests beneficial.

A ripe strawberry is red from the inside out, yet exudes firm qualities.  The most popular member of the chocolate dipped fruit basket is