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Consumer Intelligence: Ordering a Fresh Fruit Basket

For the consumer, who has never bought a fresh fruit basket before, there are three things to be cautious of: 1) First know the different types of edible  baskets;  2) beware of  fruit bouquet delivery costs and policies,; pluscaution is advised on clearance items.

  •  Types of bouquets

Bouquets of fruits are available in three formats. Full pieces, carved fruits. Dipped fruits are the three types of fruit baskets and arrangements. Edible Arrangements, Fruit Flower,  and the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company (FFBC) purvey edible baskets, resembling floral arrangements. (The average fruit bouquet is $45+).

Commonly sold by Harry & David, Cherry Moon Farms and ProFlower,  contemporary fresh fruit baskets include full pieces of fruit packaged in a box or  basket.

Are Edible Gift Basket Companies Trafficking Fruit?

Indeed, the evolution of a piece of fruit is a compelling story. It is one of triumph and hope. The most ambitious fruit dreams of being harvested to be featured in a gift basket or even better, the home page of a website. After all the contents of an edible basket is supposed to be la crème de la crème. Void of bruises dings, and other blemishes, the fruit of the fruit basket is quite polished. Exuding a healthy glow, it yields the precise firmness and ripeness high in consumer demand. Yet, to some omnivores, the gift basket business is nothing more than a legal fruit trafficking entity.  

Buying the Best Edible Gift Basket

U.S.  Consumers, shopping for a consumable present  are all too familiar with the endless choices of edible gift baskets  Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are not the only time that shoppers are faced with what seems like a gazillion choices. Considering that at least a dozen companies seemingly dominate the online market, selecting the perfect bouquet of fruit calls for patience and an abundance of consumer intelligence to shop accordingly.

First note that  bouquets of fruit come in four formats: full pieces of fruit, carved fruit that resembles a flower,  organic fruit and chocolate

Edible gift baskets

Consumer information: on selecting the best edible fruit baskets.