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Edible Basket Company Implicated in Chocolate Dipped Fruit Scandal

Perhaps, the edible basket company, Indulged is at the helm of a fruit scandal, several consumer conflicts and a potential addiction epidemic.  Some deem it to be an oxymoron that a fruit bouquet company overlooks the fruit. Inventory reports suggest that batches and batches of over-sized morsels of chocolate have been going out in droves.

Do Edible Gift Baskets Satisfy Dad on Father’s Day?

While the fruit basket can be an endearing gift idea for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day is a tad bit thorny. Most dads are not a pushover for flowers, fruit and chocolate. As far as gift ideas for Father’s Day, an edible gift basket outdistances the fruit bouquet for one reason only: the assortment. If Dad is not a vegetarian, addicted to fruit, or on dietary restrictions, the edible gift idea will satisfy his taste for a variety victuals.

The National Retail Federation’s data research that Father’s Day does not  generate the sales results that Mother’s Day does ($18 billion). (The data suggests why floral bouquet sales are not as productive during the day that commemorates U.S.paternal figures).

For some, the contents of a fruit basket, conjures an image of a container, stocked with nutritious elements prescribed by a dietitian.

How the Top Edible Basket Companies Stack Up

Ever notice how Edible Arrangements, Cherry Moon Farms, Golden Edibles, and Harry and David top the page results, generated with the phrase: “edible baskets” on search engines, such as Google and Yahoo? Among frequent gift basket shoppers, online retailers, these leading fruit baskets brands exude distinct features, driving their respective online brand marketing strategy.

  • A Trendsetter

Edible Arrangements shares its niche for carving fruit to resemble a flower with Fruit Flower and the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company. And still, Edible Arrangements dominates its competitors.