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Edible Fruit Baskets Complement Wellness Programs

With the emerging rate of diabetics and gluten allergies, cookies, candy and cake are no longer the ultimate birthday celebration victual for the impromptu, office celebration. At a time when corporations are starting to encourage employees to modify unhealthy lifestyle habits, edible fruit baskets outdistance sugar, processed and flour laden goodies.

The Willis Health and Productivity Survey, 2011 by Willis North America’s Human Capital Practice conducted a survey, regarding the percentage of U.S. employers, which have a wellness program in place.The  market research compiled data from 1,598 employers, transcending a cross spectrum of sectors, organizational sizes,  and regions. The results depicted that 60 percent of  companies were promoting wellness to employees through programs and other incentives. (1)

Mother’s Day Is not all About the Fresh Fruit Basket

The Tale of a Mother’s Day Fresh Fruit Basket

Initially, it commenced as a unique Mother’s Day gift idea. An arrangement of fruit carved to replicate a flower. But even better, it was fit for human consumption. It was a meticulously arranged fresh fruit basket, created by Edible Arrangements.  The precisely appointed fruit bouquet company was at the apex of  its popularity in cities, such as Chicago  in 2004.  It also was the same year that Millie Armstrong began the tradition of ordering her mother’s arrangements from the online gift company.

The first time that Millie gave her mother the fresh fruit basket for a Mother’s Day gift

Fruit Baskets for Secretary’s Day and Administrative Professionals’ Day 2012

While Erin Hannon, the receptionist of NBC’s “The Office” exudes several quirky yet amicable personality traits, few coworkers on the sitcom demonstrate an appreciation for her enthusiastic work ethic. It’s a story which resonates in many U.S.professional working environments. Wearing a variety of hats, administrators, project managers and other “back office” personnel are frequently undervalued members of the office team.  April 25th,  referred to as Secretary’s Day and Administrative Professional Day  highlights the momentous time of year to commemorate these key coworkers with a fruit basket, floral arrangement, or any other thoughtful gift idea.