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Thanksgiving Day Fruit Centerpieces or Edible Fruit Bouquets

 Setting the table with fruit centerpieces reminisces modest times of when the settlers and American Indians gathered for the first Thanksgiving Day dinner. It was an era when the pioneers did not have GPS to navigate them to America. The Indians were unable to text the newcomers a dinner invitation. Even the fruit centerpieces were different back then. Comprised of squash, berries and other natural elements, today, fruit centerpieces fashion an assortment of options, including edible fruit bouquets.

Edible compared three fruit bouquet company’s interpretation of fruit centerpieces and here are several noteworthy details.  

For non-traditional fruit centerpieces, Edible Arrangements’ edible fruit bouquets emblemize  tempting, juicy works of art. The only problem is that this fruit centerpiece need to be chilled until dinner time to prevent its tendency to oxidize in warm climates.

Another consideration about choosing Edible Arrangements’ edible fruit bouquets is the budget. For decent sized fruit centerpieces , expect to spend a minimum of $89. However, consumers can save on delivery costs, with an in store pick up.

We found Edible Arrangement’s contending  fruit bouquet company, Fruit Flower – to render a unique intepretation of the fruit centerpiece, called the Veggiecopia. An ornately traditional Thanksgiving Day wicker basket arrives with carrots, cauliflower, snow beans, cucumbers and red peppers for only $55.  For the money and the fact that its another version of edible fruit bouquets, makes it a wonderful alternative to fruit centerpiece.

Also, when one compares the price of floral arrangements to  fruit centerpieces, the cost is quantifiable to the later as its an edible fruit bouquet solves two purposes: design and the appetite.

Which do you prefer for Thanksgiving Day Dinner entertaining, fruit centerpieces or edible fruit bouquets. 


Fruit Basket Company Indiscriminate of Holiday Observances

What do Sweetest Day, Teacher’s Day and Bosses Day have in common? Each commemorative date takes place in the month of October and have a fruit basket theme available at Edible Arrangements. But aside from the fruit baskets recognizing different professions and loved ones, the fruit bouquet company also recognizes all religious holidays, showcasing tart, sweet and juicy morsels of fruit shaped.

For Sweetest Day, significant others select from 10 different fruit baskets. Prices commence  at $25, costing as much as $115.  Strawberries, honeydew melon, oranges, pineapples and cantaloupe typify the elements of the Sweetest Day  fruit basket.  Note that these Sweetest Day fruit bouquets encompass many extras not include in the basic product.

Sweetest Day transpires on Saturday October 15, 2011

Although many fast during Ramadan, Edible Arrangements offers an Eid-al-Fitr fruit basket for the end of this religious holiday, celebrated by Muslims. For this fruit basket,  the fruit resembles the traditional crescent moon and star carved from a pineapple.  (Ramadan fell on August 30, 2011 this year).

On September, 28,  Rosh Hashanah  presents another opportunity to order a fruit basket to celebrate what’s often coined as the “Jewish New Year.”   Forty dollars is the least expensive fruit basket, which actually arrives in a small ceramic mug, with pineapples  and strawberries.

Save on fruit basket delivery charges, when you place an order online and pick up the edible fruit bouquet from a local purveyor. 

Whilst. Edible Arrangements carves the contents of fruit baskets to embody specific holidays such as the  reflect a crescent shaped moon for Ramadan and the star of David  a star, consumers will not find any fruit basket for  Easter or Christmas does where the fruit resembles the sign of the cross.

Do you think it is appropriate to give an  Edible Arrangement’s fruit basket for religious holidays, Sweetest Day or other professional observance days?