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Consumer QA: Edible Fruit Gift Review

Holidays, office parties and house warming celebrations—all make for the appropriate occasion to give an edible fruit gift. But, aside from it’s celebratory qualities, what else do consumers need to know about buying a fruit bouquet? 

Which fruit bouquet company makes the best birthday gifts?

With more than 900 international locations, Edible Arrangement’s offerings are quite different from its leading competitor, Harry and David. While both companies assure

fresh fruit, each features unique inventories, making it subjective issue.

Is there an average cost for edible fruit gifts?

Budget is what makes the edible fruit bouquet such a redeeming gift idea. From $20 to $300, fruit bouquets come in a cornucopia of price options.

 How much should I expect to spend on shipping?

It depends on the company where the edible fruit gift is purchased. In certain cities,  both Harry and David as well as Edible arrangements have brick and mortar store locations, where consumers can bypass the average delivery costs ($10-$25).

If I’m buying an edible fruit bouquet for a pear lover, do any fruit bouquet companies sell baskets filled with pears?

Although Edible Arrangements are comprised of grapes, strawberries, apples, cantaloupes, and other fruits, they do not contain pears. However, Harry and David owns a pear orchid that is organically certified.

Is the average edible fruit gift high in caloric value?

Produced and provided by a wealth of companies,  there are not any average caloric values for the edible fruit gift.

Are all  fruit bouquets made up of organic fruit?

Not all edible fruit gift are developed are made of organic fruit.  As mentioned in the previous questions, Harry and David is the only major retailer of gift baskets that includes organic certified pears.

Edible Fruit Is In Season For Almost Any Holiday

Edible fruit baskets  are not just for the individual addicted to fruit. These colorful and fruitful bouquets accommodate scores of special occasions, events and holidays. Regardless of the time of year, an edible fruit bouquet is always in season. 


Between Thanksgiving and New Years, edible fruit baskets  are an appropriate gift. Since some people do not celebrate, Christmas or the American New Year, an edible fruit bouquet  serves as a delectable gift without any awkwardness.


While house warming gifts are always welcome, it’s better to give an edible fruit bouquet than buy the recipient a decorative accessory that clashes with his or her home design. Particularly for the house warming party, an edible fruit is a fuss-free gift, which can be purchased the night before or the morning of the celebration.

Nonetheless, the edible fruit bouquet is not only well received for a housewarming gift, but is a thoughtful gift for the host of a summer bash, Autumn celebration or any other home-based gatherings.

Weddings, wakes and baby showers are other apt places to bring or send an edible fruit basket.  In cases where the event is catered or held at a hotel or a commercial venue, it may be inappropriate to bring a fruit bouquet.


In the workplace particularly at the office, the edible fruit bouquet is a welcomed birthday gift idea.  Since these consumable arrangements have a variation of sizes and containers, these arrangements offer a single serving to the entire department. For other Hallmark-themed special occasions around the workplace (Secretary’s Day and Bosses’ Day), the  mouthwatering edible fruit bouquet  solves the workplace gift quandary.

 The edible fruit always serves as a tasteful gift.