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Edible Fruit Bouquet Tidbits

Some people consider the edible fruit bouquet to be tantamount to telling someone that they need to lose weight. But with all the recent talk of being healthy and getting in shape, an edible fruit basket is a tasteful alternative to the floral arrangement.

Is it more convenient to order a pre-made edible fruit bouquet or to make a homemade one?

If you’re adept at selecting tasty fruit and then carving it into identifiable shapes (hearts, flowers, etc), then making a homemade edible fruit bouquet may be the easiest choice. For most people, ordering an edible fruit bouquet is the most convenient choice.

Simply, select from the leading edible fruit companies, who make and deliver fruit bouquets. Companies, such as Edible  Arrangements and Harry and David  maintain an online catalog of their gift baskets. The fruit gift baskets are segmented by price, and occasion.

 Are edible fruit baskets acceptable gifts for people diagnosed with diabetes?

Although edible fruit bouquets are natural and can be high in sugar (depending on the type of gifts), opt for fruit bouquets that are comprised of the fruit the recipient normally consumes. Otherwise, stick with the standard flower arrangement.

How  many days in advance should I order an edible fruit bouquet?

All fruit bouquet companies handle deliveries, differently. At Harry and David, edible fruit collections are sent within five to seven days. As a result, order placements made 10 days prior to the recipient’s birthday, graduation or whatever the occasion calls for is ideal. However, at Edible Arrangements, deliveries transpire within 24-48 hours of the order.

 What is the best occasion to send an edible fruit bouquet?

Edible fruit bouquets do not require a special occasion. Nonetheless, they make for lovely birthday gift ideas, house warming gifts and other auspicious occasions.

Why Edible Fruit Bouquets Are Co-Worker Friendly

Across America, edible fruit bouquets and gift baskets maintain popularity among corporate American professionals. Given the concerns and reverberations about an obesity crisis, the edible fruit bouquet represents the holistic and healthy extension of appreciation. But among givers of the favored edible fruit bouquet, everyone has their reasons for sending these naturally, juicy tokens of appreciation. Browse the proceeding reasons, professionals, sales representative and account executives prefer  to send edible fruit bouquets to other co-workers or clients: 

  • With the fruit bouquet, I don’t need to worry about other peoples weight loss issues or luring them away from their diet.  T M Chicago, IL
  • I prefer to give gift baskets because they are the types of gift that are sharable  among co-workers. S B – Boston MA
  • Fruit bouquets are my ticket to an easy break-up. Send any co-worker, where there’s been an intimate situation a “friendly” note and bid farewell to any questions about the status of the “relationship.” J G – Miami, FL
  • Unlike other gift baskets or other special deliveries where the arrival can vary by days, certain fruit bouquet companies guarantee same day delivery. Like take the company, where we order fruit bouquets, delivery is generally the same day. B K St. Louis, MO

An edible fruit basket is merely the designated acceptable gift of corporate America

  •  Gift baskets, which are stuffed with extravagant products, are often deemed too lavish to share with a client. Edible fruit bouquets represent organic giving.  CS – La Jolla, CA
  • Since edible fruit is not associated with clogged arteries or any other side effects, fruit bouquets are harmless giveaways.  D M – Tacoma, WA
  • I’ve never sent a fruit bouquet to a client and been questioned about the expense in my budget report. K L – Nashville, TN
  • It’s not rude to sample and taste co-workers fruit bouquets. When I send an edible fruit bouquet early in the day, I consider it my responsibility to drop by sometime in the afternoon to ensure proper disposal of the remaining pieces of fruit. J K Hoboken, NJ