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Edible Fruit Gift Ideas

Dating as far back as 1934, Harry and David have earned a reputation for offering an extensive inventory of edible fruit gifts,  consisting of the company’s exclusive Royal Riviera (R) pears. Harvested at the fruit bouquet company’s critically-acclaimed orchard in Southern Oregon, recipients receive seven to 11  individually wrapped, pears.

As  free standard deliver is part of the package and for less than $30, Harry and David’s Royal Riviera ® pears make for a delectably  distinctive, juicy  gift idea. If you want to wow edible fruit recipient with other items, be sure to peruse and compare other edible fruit basket, which consists of other tasty goodies.


In example, arry and David’s “Large All Occasion Basket is an exceptional business gift idea.

As the basket is stocked with more than fruit, there’s seem to be a little something for everyone. The edible fruit includes five to six Royal Riviera ® pears, a couple of apples, dark chocolate Moose Munch Confection, hickory smoked summer sausage, cheddar cheese, roasted cashews and more. (Under $50). And, real fruit lovers will appreciate the Wreath of Fresh Fruit, (kumquats, oranges, pears, apples, and grapefruit).

Dressed in a collection of chocolate truffles, an assortment of chocolate, this edible fruit presentation symbolizes an thoughtful birthday ideas for under  $40. Additionally, as another options for less, there’s always Harry’s Collection Gourmet Gift for only $39.95. This hot gift item consists of pears, apples, cheese, and raspberry galettes, caramel Moose Munch. There’s never a need to fret about fruit arriving overly ripe.

A medley of dried pears, white peaches, apricots, peaches, prunes, and cherries arrive in a self-contained aluminum party tray– ready-to-serve and enjoy. Far more healthier than chocolate chip cookies, a box of chocolate and other sweet things, this authentic gift idea is perfect  for anyone, who does not have an aversion to dried fruit. (Under $47).

Edible Fruit Bouquet Answers to Chew On

Edible fruit arrangements and bouquets remain an enigmatic gift idea. Whether one is looking for an easy last minute birthday idea, housewarming gift or present to give a co-workers, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the edible fruit bouquet.


What are the advantages for giving an edible fruit gift?

Aside from the nutritional value and that edible fruit bouquets remain a novel gift idea, price and convenience are lauded as the top reasons to give this juicy gift.


Why are edible fruit bouquets considered “convenient” gift ideas?

The gift idea is considered ultra convenient because most orders are fulfilled within the same day. For example, Edible Arrangements ® delivers orders  on the same day until 4 PM.


How does the edible fruit bouquet remain fresh?

Since most edible fruit bouquets  do not contain preservatives, they are delivered within the same day. The delivery trucks are equipped with refrigerators to keep the baskets fresh and cold.


Which companies are popular for creating their edible fruit bouquet?

Edible Arrangements and Harry and David are the most popular edible fruit bouquet companies in the nation. For instance, Edible Arrangements has more than 900 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, UK, Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.  Harry and David started the edible fruit bouquet movement back during the depression in 1934.


If I send an edible fruit bouquet, how can I be sure that the recipient will receive a fresh arrangement?

Most fruit bouquet companies try to deliver arrangements the same day, encouraging immediate consumption. In situations, where it’s impossible to ingest the entire bouquet, remove the skewered fruit and place in an airtight plastic container.  In cases where the fruit bouquet is unopened, it should be stored in the refrigerator in the original wrapping materials.

But for a last minute birthday idea or housewarming gift, edible fruit bouquets are the type of gifts that makes it appear as great thought was invested in the idea.